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Comprehensive Plan

The City is proposing a new Comprehensive Plan chapter entitled Healthy Ecosystems to replace current Plan provisions under Goal 5 (Open Spaces, Scenic and Natural Resources), Goal 6 (Air Resources Quality), and Goal 15 (Willamette River Greenway). See Supporting Documents (1994 Comprehensive Plan Provisions to be Updated by LU 15-0019) below.

The City is also proposing to replace its Sensitive Lands regulations and adopt code incentives to property owners for habitat protection and enhancement, consistent with the Healthy Ecosystems chapter. This work implements the City Council goal to “Adopt changes to the Development Code by June 2015 to implement the reform of regulations on ‘sensitive lands.’” (The Sensitive Lands code changes affect LOC 50.05.010; LOC; and other Sensitive Lands code cross-references.)

A public review draft of proposed updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code, pertaining to Sensitive Lands, is now available click here.

The Planning Commission will be accepting public comment on the draft proposal when it meets on April 13, 2015. The Commission meets in the City Hall Council Chamber, located at 380 A Avenue, on the first floor, beginning at 6:30PM. The Commission will also accept oral and written testimony at its public hearing, which is tentatively scheduled for May 27, before it makes a recommendation to the City Council.

Land use planning involves the consideration and balancing of many different factors and issues to make the best decision for the community both for the short and long term. The goals, policies and action measures of Lake Oswego's Comprehensive Plan are intended to guide the community in making these decisions. The Plan is intended for use by all those who participate in the City's land use planning process, including local officials, persons with development interests, state, regional and federal agencies, neighborhood and community groups, and citizens representing all interests.

The Plan is mandated by the state to be in conformance with 15 Oregon Statewide Planning Goals. It is the controlling document for land use within the city. Major developments and the City's land development regulations, including the Community Development Code, must be consistent with the Plan goals and policies.

On March 18, 2014 the City Council enacted Ordinance 2640, which adopted the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Volume I and Volume II Neighborhood Plans & Special Districts.  The updated Comprehensive Plan was a three year process and addressed State Periodic Review requirements.

Official copies of the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Volume I can be purchased for $56.00 plus postage.  If you would like to obtain a copy you can contact the Planning and Building Services Department directly at (503) 635-0290 or E-mail the department at: