LU 12-0001: Amendment to the Sensitive Lands Overlay District

Amendment to the Sensitive Lands Overlay District on the Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map to designate a Resource Protection (RP) District for a stream and a Resource Conservation (RC) District for a tree grove on the subject property.

The RP and RC Districts are overlay districts on the base zone of R-7.5 (Residential – Low Density).  The R-7.5 zone is not affected by the proposed amendment and will be automatically applied upon annexation per LOC 50.05.025.

Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to

Project ID: 
LU 12-0001
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Project Year: 
Project Status: 
City of Lake Oswego (A) Bryan Welton Jr. & Jenny Welton (O)
Project Contact: 
Andrea Christenson, Natural Resources Planner, (503) 675-3990
Tax Map/Lot: 
21E04BC Lot 02200
21E04BC Lot 02201
21E04BC Lot 02300
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Hearing Date: 
Monday, March 12, 2012
13601 Goodall Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034