LU 17-0039: Amendments to Design Variance Criteria for Developments in Downtown Redevelopment Design District (DRDD)


The City Council is considering amending City code for building projects in the downtown, to clarify the procedure for allowing architectural variety and to remove regulatory barriers to sustainable building designs. The current regulations, particularly the “Lake Oswego Style” provisions of the Downtown Redevelopment Design (DRD) District adopted in 1997, have served the City well and resulted in many attractive buildings. However, the code discourages innovations in building design and sustainability.


This is a request from the City of Lake Oswego for a text amendment to the Lake Oswego Community Development Code (CDC or City code), clarifying and updating the design variance criteria for developments in the Downtown Redevelopment Design (DRD) District.   

Key Dates

  • Public Comments due on this draft – July 7, 2017
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing – July 24, 2017
  • City Council Public Hearing – September 5, 2017
Status Updates: 


The City Council considered the Planning Commission's recommendation on the proposed amendment to the Community Development Code at a public hearing on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  The Council approved LU 17-0039 and enacted Ordinance 2754.  To visit the Council meeting webpage and view the video, click here.

A link to the ordinance is available below under "Key Documents". The ordinance becomes effective on October 5, 2017.



At its meeting on August 14th, the Planning Commission adopted the Findings, Conclusion and Order (the final recommendation).  A link to the adopted Findings is available below under "Key Documents."

The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing September 5, 2017.

For more information regarding the Council's agenda and schedule, please contact Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder, (503) 534-4225 or e-mail.



The Planning Commission considered the proposed amendment at a public hearing on July 24, 2017, and made a preliminary recommendation that the City Council approve the proposed amendment.  The Findings, Conclusions and Order (the final recommendation) will be considered on August 14, 2017.



The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2017.  The staff report and exhibits will be  available (below) by end of day Friday, July 14th.  The meeting agenda is available on the meeting webpage, click here.



The Planning Department accepted written comments on the Public Review Draft (PRD) through 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 7, 2017.  Comments submitted were considered in preparing the PRD of the proposal for the Planning Commission hearing on July 24, 2017.

To view the Public Review Draft, click here.

Project Details
LU 17-0039
City of Lake Oswego (A)
Project Contact: 

Scot Siegel, Planning and Building Services Director, (503) 699-7474 or e-mail.

Reviewing Body: 
Hearing Date: 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Related Meetings

Jul 24 2017 - 6:30pm