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City of Lake Oswego Oregon - Luscher Farm

Neighborhood Associations

Lake Oswego's neighborhood association program began in 1974 with the development of the original comprehensive plan. Today, there are 24 recognized neighborhood associations within the City of Lake Oswego.

The role of neighborhood associations and the process for recognition by the City of Lake Oswego is defined in the Citizen Involvement Guidelines.

Community Planning Organizations (CPOs)
Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) are comparable to the City of Lake Oswego Neighborhood Associations and are recognized by Clackamas County. There are six CPOs in the Lake Oswego Urban Services Boundary and adjacent to the City limits. They are the Birdshill*, Forest Highlands*, Lake Forest*, Rosewood*, Southwood-Woodland Park, and Stafford-Tualatin CPOs.

* These CPOs also include homes within the Lake Oswego City limits and have gone through the recognition process and have been designated as a "Recognized Neighborhood Association" by the City of Lake Oswego.

Neighborhood Contact Required for Certain Applications
Prior to submittal of an application for a partition, subdivision, or a major development, an applicant shall contact and discuss the proposed development with any affected neighborhood as provided in LOC 50.77.025. The purpose of neighborhood contact is to identify potential issues or conflicts regarding a proposed application so that they may be addressed prior to filing. This contact is intended to result in a better application and to expedite and lessen the expense of the review process by avoiding needless delays, appeals, remands, or denials.