Short Term Home Rentals Are Illegal in Residential Areas

Recently the Planning Commission and the City Council explored allowing the short term rental of homes in the residential areas of Lake Oswego.  Based upon these discussions, and the citizen comments received, the City Council decided to continue to permit short term rental stays only in commercial areas.

In residential areas the rental of a home, a guest room, etc. will remain limited to a stay of 31 days or longer. The rental of a guest room or other overnight stay for less than 31 days must occur in a hotel or similar business in a commercial area.

Please direct questions and complaints to Bill Youngblood, Code Enforcement Specialist, at or call (503) 699-7473. When forwarding a complaint please provide an address and link to the advertisement for the short term rental.

The City is currently reviewing its land use regulations and considering changes that would allow short-term rentals subject to community standards.  For more information, please see LU 18-0034.

Short-Term Rentals Code Changes

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