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Message from Chief Don Johnson

Chief Johnson

We are proud of our Posse

One of the great aspects of the Lake Oswego community is that our people, (our posse) is not shy about getting involved.  On July 16th, we honored Sunny Freeman for her heroic efforts in saving the life a 4- year old that that was involved in crash of the motorcycle on which the child was a passenger.

I had the privilege in presenting a “Chief’s Coin for Outstanding Service, and a commendation for Sunny’s Lifesaving efforts.  The commendation reads:          

“On June 30, 2014,  at 1620 hours, a motorcycle crash occurred  in the northbound lanes of State Street at E Avenue.  Sunny Freeman was driving her vehicle when she witnessed the motorcycle lose control, striking a curb hurling the rear passenger, 4 year old Kayilee Johns, into the air.

Kayilee flew through the air striking her head on the pavement, rolling and tumbling into the oncoming southbound lanes.  Without hesitation, Sunny immediately stopped her vehicle and with no regard for her own personal safety, ran back to protect Kayilee from oncoming traffic.  She rendered immediate aid to Kayilee and picked her up out of the roadway.  Kayilee immediately held onto Sunny who, with a steady, reassuring voice, spoke to Kayilee calming her down.  Officers and Paramedics arrived and clearly recognized that Sunny had Kayilee protected and calm.  Sunny stayed with Kayilee until the ambulance arrived. She then assisted with helping Kayilee onto the gurney where she was transported to OHSU for her injuries.  Sunny, by her actions, clearly placed herself in danger to protect another and is therefore being recognized for her actions with the presentation of the Lake Oswego Police Department Chief’s Coin.”

I am happy to say that Kaylee recovered from her injuries – and I still think that, although legal, carrying a 4-year old on a motorcycle is a really bad decision – we are all thankful Kaylee is alive today.

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Sunny Freeman is awarded a Chief's Challenge Coin.Chief talking about Sunny FreemanLt. Doug Treat thanking Sunny Freeman