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Message from Chief Don Johnson

Chief Johnson

This month, I want to introduce you to the Children’s Center of Clackamas County. Located near Providence Medical Center in Oregon City, this wonderful facility is typically the first stop for victims of Child Abuse.

Most referrals to the Center come from either local law enforcement or from the Department of Health Services.  Children and families who find themselves at the Center are awestruck by the care and compassion of the staff.  Most families leaving the Center realize that through the wonderful care they’ve received, the healing has indeed begun.  The Center goal is to assist in case investigations by completing forensic medical examinations with the physicians on staff, and to assist law enforcement by conducting the necessary interviews of the child victim – last year alone, the Center helped more than 450 local families during a time they needed support the most.

The Center also functions as the starting point for all aftercare of child victims and their families, often coordinating with several other non-profit agencies to ensure every family need is met.  The Center receives less than 40% of operating funds from the State & County; the rest comes through grants and individual and corporate donations.

More information will follow during the month of April as we recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month.  But for now, I would encourage you consider supporting the Center by volunteering or through a donation – the kids really do need our support.

Donations can be made by contacting the Center at  or by calling 503 655-7725

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