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Message from Chief Don Johnson

Chief Johnson

Be Proud of What We Have Here in Lake Oswego…..

On November 12th, 2014, our Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Police Departments partnered to host the first ever Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor’s Breakfast.  The purpose of gathering was to celebrate the lives saved and to keep our community education efforts going strong.  We hosted 11 survivors, with many of their rescuers attending also – there were many happy reunions, just like the one pictured below.

So, to put it out there one more time – if you don’t know CPR, call me and I will provide you with the training necessary to give you the confidence to save a life.  The more people we have in Lake Oswego who recognize a sudden cardiac arrest, the more likely we are to save the life of the victim.

Nationally, the “save rate” hovers around 5-6%  -  here in LO, we have been achieving a 28% save rate for more than 6 years – we give the credit to citizens who call 911 and start CPR, to the first responders  - both police and fire, and to an outstanding network of hospitals.  We’ve decided that 28% is just not good enough – we are pushing our limits by making CPR response our highest priority.

We look forward to continued strong education, to rapid response, and to each “SAVE” we are able to make together.

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Hallie Gentry and Jessica Metteer