Aug 1 Concert at Foothills Park, not Westlake - NOTE New Location

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2012

Contact:  Christine Kirk
Public Affairs Manager 503.635.0285

The Wednesday, August 1 concert is at Foothills, not Westlake as originally advertised. Foreverland, a 14-piece Michael Jackson Tribute band, is playing on August 1 at Foothills Park, 6:30p.m.‐8:30p.m. This is part of the Sounds of Summer Concerts. The rest of the August Wednesday night concerts will be at Westlake. 

Traditionally, the July concerts are at Foothills and the August concerts are at Westlake.  August 1 represents a departure. Signs will be posted at Westlake of the correct location should people go to there.

Please share this information so that others know that the concert on August 1 is at Foothills Park not Westlake. To view all concert dates and artists, please go to