Centennial Kickoff Event Draws Enthusiastic Crowd

The City of Lake Oswego kicked off the Centennial Year with a special showing of the Lake Oswego Retrospective Video at the Lakewood Center for the Arts. Held on January 19, 2010, the kickoff was attended by excited and interested citizens, a full house of sponsors, key City stakeholders, council members, Mayor Jack Hoffman, City Manager Alex McIntyre, as well as members from community organizations.

In addition to the video showing, the City used this venue to provide information about the entire Centennial list of events for the year, to unveil the Centennial website, and to showcase the Centennial Building Blocks Display, designed and produced by Marylou Colver, Corrina Campbell-Sack, and Erin OʼRourke-Meadors.

Also introduced were the Centennial Ambassadors. In keeping with the Centennial theme of honoring the past, celebrating the present, and imagining the future, the Centennial Committee developed the concept of Centennial Ambassadors as current or past residents whose connections to the City’s past and contributions to the City we enjoy today. The City selected three honorary ambassadors to serve as honored Centennial representatives throughout the year: Dee Denton, Dick Durham, and Dorothy Stafford. In addition to our honorary ambassadors, Albert Alonzo Durham was named as our historical ambassador for the Centennial year. Brought to life by actor Steve Knox, Alonzo Durham made appearances at all of our Centennial events to add continuity, provide historical perspective, and entertain our guests.

The weekend following the Kickoff Celebration, the Lake Twin Theater showed the Lake Oswego Retrospective Video to kickoff the year to the public, providing free popcorn.