Name the Street Sweeper Contest Winners

Lake Oswegans got very creative in submitting names for our sweeper, people voted for your favorites, and the winners are…(drum roll please)…Oscar, Roovis and Bert!  Three excellent names for our fleet of street sweepers! 

The winning name for our new A7000 Tornado is Oscar the “Oswego Sweeper Car.”  It was created by Wendy Morean and Ray Gragg.   The team, which on other entries included Wendy’s husband Von Jensen, submitted eight names, many of which were a subject of discussion by the judging team due to their creativity and added slogans.  Another finalist, LOIUS  “Lake Oswego's Uniquely Incredible Sweeper” was also submitted by Wendy. 

The two names which will be given to the other two sweepers in the fleet are Roovis (Rapid Oscillating Oswego Vehicle of Intense Sanitation, submitted by Cathie Recker and BERT (street sweeper from Mary Poppins), submitted by Rebecca Duncan. 

We are excited to introduce Oscar, Roovis and Bert and thank them for traveling over 6000 miles a year in Lake Oswego, helping to keep our streets and water safe and clean.  Keep your eyes open and see if you can spot each one as they travel through your neighborhood.  Also, Oscar will be on display on May 18 at the opening day of the Farmers Market.  

Coloring Contest Winners

One hundred and eighty of the names for the street sweepers were submitted by Lake Oswego youth on coloring contest entry forms.  The judging was tough.  There was a lot of creativity and focus by our artists.  We are pleased to announce the coloring contest winners below, including an additional Judges Choice award.   For the slideshow of the winning entries go to:

Many thanks to all of the members of the Lake Oswego community that submitted names for our sweepers. 

Preschool Coloring Contest Winner, Artist Lizzy Greenwood

Lizzy - Coloring Contest Winner - Preschool

Thank you and congratulations to Lizzy Greenwood, a Lake Oswego Preschooler, for her colorful completion of the A7000 Street Sweeper. 

K-2 Coloring Contest Winner, Artist Max Greenwood

Max - Coloring Contest Winner - Grades K-2

Thank you and congratulations to Max Greenwood, a Lake Oswego 1st Grader. The Judges noted the creativity, the effort to make the sweeper have a fun character and even a voice by adding "Hi".

3rd-5th Grade Coloring Contest Winner, Artist Chloe Ryan

Chloe - Coloring Contest Winner - 3rd-5th Grade

Thank you and congratulations to Chloe Ryan, a Lake Oswego 3rd Grader.  The Judges liked the color choices, including leaving the eyes white. The sweeper looks like it is having fun and doing an important job. 

Judges Award - Coloring Contest Winner, Artist Kyla Zhang

Kyla - Coloring Contest Winner - Judges' Award

Thank you and congratulations to Kyla Zhang. The Judges were impressed with Kyla's work.  Kyla's entry has great focus and creativity, all while being clean and fun.