New Open City Hall Question - Share thoughts with the New City Council about your City Government

Posted Thu, 12/06/2012 - 3:45pm

A new question has been posted to Open City Hall: What thoughts do you have to share with the new City Council about Lake Oswego and your City Government?

To share your thoughts please go to: or use your Smart Phone to access the QR code. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the City and City Council.

Information about Open City Hall - An Online way to Speak Up and Share

Open City Hall is on online forum that allows people to give direct input to Council and staff on current issues without attending a meeting.  Plus you can read what others are saying and support ideas that match your own. Anyone can support a response on Open City Hall, even without signing up for the forum.  Simply go to the question, review statements and click the support button by the suggestion you agree with. Supporters will be offered a quick and easy way to sign up for Open City Hall so that you can be in the loop for future questions and responses.

Open City Hall is a forum run by a third party, Peak Democracy, a non-partisan company whose mission is to broaden civic engagement and build public trust in government. 

More about the Question

In January 2013, the City of Lake Oswego will welcome the 2013-2014 City Council. The majority of the Council will be newly elected – Mayor Studebaker, and Councilors Bowerman, O’Neil and Gustafson. For two members, Councilors Gudman and Kehoe, this is the start of the second half of a term, having already served for two years of their four-year term. Councilor Jordan is completing her second term and has served for six years.

With the majority of the Council being newly elected, this Open City Hall forum is a way for people to welcome the new City Council and newly elected officials with feedback and thoughts about Lake Oswego. Please share things that you would like your elected leaders to know about Lake Oswego, your community and your thoughts on the role of the City of Lake Oswego.

For More Information

City of Lake Oswego
Christine Kirk, Public Affairs Manager

Peak Democracy


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