Open City Hall Question Feedback on Garbage and Recycling Services

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2012

Contact: Christine Kirk, Public Affairs Manager

A new forum is open on Open City Hall - What do you think about your weekly garbage, yard debris, and recycling services from Allied Waste in Lake Oswego? To engage in this forum, go to:

The City of Lake Oswego is currently reviewing and renegotiating its franchise agreement with its solid waste and recycling services provider. Weekly solid waste, recycling, and yard waste services are provided by Allied Waste Services of Lake Oswego through a 10 year contract that is set to expire in 2014. The renewal process includes a review team that includes the Mayor, City Councilor, members of the Sustainability Advisory Board, business owner, citizens, and staff.

The review group and the City Council would like to hear your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions on garbage and recycling and how we can continue to work together to increase recycling and decrease materials going to landfills.