Open City Hall Question Weather Station Knowledge and Use

For Immediate Release
August 1, 2012

Contact: Christine Kirk, Public Affairs Manager

A new question is posted on Open City Hall for citizen input.  Did you know that the City of Lake Oswego has weather stations providing current weather conditions at 5 different City locations? If you do know of and use the Weather Stations, what do you use the information for? To respond to this question go to:

Get accurate, up to-the-minute weather and climate information from the five Lake Oswego weather stations. Currently all stations record and display temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, relative humidity and dew point. To view them, go to .

The Municipal Golf course and Westlake sites additionally display soil moisture content, soil temperature and evapotranspiration. A sixth station is currently under construction at Nansen Summit park, lake Oswego's highest point.

To access the station nearest your home or business go to the interactive map at Type in your address and you will be automatically linked to the weather station that geographically and climatically most closely matches your location. The link provides elevation so that you can decide probability of being affected by severe weather events.

The weather stations provide Staff with valuable information on climate events and how these events may impact you and what the City can do to minimize those effects. You can use the sites to help determine summer watering needs, and to view general daily conditions around town.
-City Hall in downtown Lake Oswego
-Operations facility on Jean Road
-Cooks Butte Reservoir
-Golf Course
-Westlake Fire Station
- Nansen Summit (under construction)