Suspension of Streetcar Planning and Updating Foothills Redevelopment Plans

Lake Oswego's Suspension of Streetcar Planning

In January 2012, the Lake Oswego City Council took steps to:

  • suspend further work on the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit (streetcar) project
  • preserve the public ownership of the Willamette Shore Line right-of-way
  • move Foothills redevelopment forward without the streetcar

In April, 2011, when the Lake Oswego City Council tentatively approved the streetcar as the preferred transit alternative, they required that additional step of inquiry be taken before moving on to next steps in the formal federal process. The requested refinement work yielded a project that is of lower cost, faster, and more direct with fewer impacts and better integration into the neighborhoods and communities along the alignment. The Refinement Report provides the basis for the jurisdictions and community to understand what this project really is and costs. The previous Draft Environmental Impact Statement didn't bring that level of detail or understanding.  While the streetcar will not be pursued for Lake Oswego, Portland, a partner in the project, may continue to pursue the streetcar as defined in the Refinement Report in the John's Landing area. 

The City Council had unanimous interest in maintaining and repairing the Willamette Shore Line right-of-way and keeping it within public ownership. The Willamette Shore Line Consortium has been working on ways to reopen the line for Trolley service, to the extent possible, based on funding and safety of the line. With the suspension of planning for a streetcar which would have traveled largely on the line, the members of the Consortium will need to address issues associated with ensuring that the right-of-way is being planned for and used in the long term. The City Council is awaiting a proposal for the costs and options to improve the line for Trolley service.

Below are key documents related to the suspension of efforts to bring a streetcar to Lake Oswego.

If there are any particular questions that you have about the suspension please feel free to contact Public Affairs.


January 24 Action Taken - Motion to suspend the streetcar, maintain Willamette Shore Line and pursue Foothills redevelopment planning without the streetcar(Passed 7-0)

January 24 Council Packet (Item 7.2) including information on impacts and next steps that come from suspending the pursuit of a streetcar. It also includes the original resolution that directed further inquiry into the cost, alignment and funding of the streetcar and the Refinement Report that is also linked to below.

Refinement Report (link expired)

Council Tierney's Comments to "Shelf" Streetcar proposal at this time

Media Reports Streetcar:

Planning for the Foothills District - Plan B

Media Reports Foothills: (link expired)