Town Hall to discuss the 2013 Preliminary Council Action Plan and Budget Priorities

The Lake Oswego City Council is hosting a Town Hall to get input on service priorities, appropriate levels of services and on the preliminary City Council 2013 Action Plan.  Input will help the Council set their agenda in 2013 and prioritize investments through next fiscal year’s budget.

Town Hall details:

  • February 12 at 7 p.m.
  • City Hall Council Chambers, 380 A Avenue.
  • Speakers will be asked to observe a two minute time limit (depending on the number of speakers, a shorter time limit may be employed).
  • “Dot Exercise” where people put dots on basic/discretionary services within City service areas that are of most importance.
  • A welcoming and informal roundtable discussion. People will be invited a few at a time to join the Council at the table.  Citizens will be invited based on the order in which the testimony slips are received. 
  • Online comments taken through Open City Hall.
  • Watch the meeting live.

Council would like to receive input on three areas: 

City Services and Budget Investments

The City of Lake Oswego provides hundreds of programs to create a City of quality with a unique character.  Some programs are “mandated or core services” such as roads, building permits, police, fire, public records, clean water, sewer and Council meetings. Other services may not be mandated, but they support a core or mandated service or otherwise contribute to the quality and character of Lake Oswego.  Through citizen comments, the City Council wants to learn more about what services, beyond those core or mandated services, residents see as being important to Lake Oswego. Also, information is desired on appropriate levels or standard of service provided. 

2013 Preliminary Action Plan

The Council would like input on their Preliminary Action Plan for 2013.  They would like to hear if the Preliminary Action Plan addresses the most important issues facing the City and, if so, in what priority order and with what steps are needed to accomplish the action item successfully.  Also, if this is not the right list, what is missing? The City Council would like to limit the action items to five or fewer. Your input will help them focus the agenda for the year.

Preliminary Action Plan

  • Street Maintenance, Bike and Pedestrian Safety, and Pot Hole Paving
  • Resolve Sensitive Lands
  • Review Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Project
  • Decide future of North Anchor (LORA)
  • Move forward on Lake Grove Plan/Boones Ferry Design and Construction (value engineer project)
  • Facilities Strategy (South Shore Fire Station and Maintenance)
  • Determine the future of the WEB property including if a new Police/LOCOM facility should go on any part of the site
  • Finish the Comprehensive Plan Update including the Transportation System Plan.
  • Evaluate Tree Code
  • Make City more Business-friendly

General Comments

The City Council welcomes general comments at the Town Hall.  They want to hear about what makes Lake Oswego a great place to live and work.  Bring your passion for Lake Oswego and share it with the Council, so that they can carry the input and desires of residents forward.  This is the first opportunity to more informally engage with the Council. The Council would like to hear from as many people in Lake Oswego, with as many different viewpoints, as possible and welcomes your participation.

The Town Hall will also occur online through Open City Hall.  As at the Town Hall, people participating online will be asked to provide their name and address. However, through Open City Hall, comments can be displayed anonymously.  Open City Hall is run by a third party, Peak Democracy. To participate in Open City Hall please go to, Two questions are available, one focusing on the Preliminary Action Plan and the other on Service Priorities.

The Town Hall can be watched live online or on Tualatin Valley Community Television.  For viewing information go to:

For more information:

The City Council looks forward to hearing, learning and incorporating input into their discussions and decisions.  

Additional Information Concerning the Absence of Mayor Studebaker:

Mayor Studebaker was the driving force is setting up this Town Hall as a way to hear from all residents and get many opinions on the issues and budget priorities facing the City.  The timing of the Town Hall is based on the desire to get input in a timely manner where it can be used to finalize the Council Action Plan and build the budget.  Unexpectedly, Mayor Studebaker is in Texas to support his daughter and grandchildren and be available for the memorial service for his son-in-law Chris Kyle.  Mayor Studebaker regrets missing the Town Hall, but asked that the Town Hall continue in his absence so that citizen input can be heard and utilized in Council decisions.   Mayor Studebaker will watch the Town Hall and review the comments upon his return to Lake Oswego.  Council President Mike Kehoe will facilitate the Town Hall discussion.

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