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  • Autumn Walk by Holly Gibson, 2013 Photo Contest participant

    Amateur and professional photographers are invited to enter their best images in the Sixth Annual “City of Lake Oswego Photo Contest.” This contest allows people the chance to see the city through your unique lens.

    Send in your best photos for a chance to win!  

  • City of Lake Oswego 2013 Unsung Heroes

    It’s time again to recognize our Unsung Heroes. Citizens submitted their nominations - recognizing special people who have spent their free time volunteering, helping neighbors, or trying to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

  • HelloLO - Lake Oswego's official newsletter

    HelloLO is the official City of Lake Oswego newsletter. It is mailed every month to all households and businesses within City limits. To receive the newsletter by email, please check the HelloLO box at our e-news subscription page.

  • Services & Activities Guide

    Lake Oswego is a community rich with art, culture, historical resources, quality schools, vibrant business districts, and an abundance of activities and events for all ages.  In the City's Services & Activity Guide, you will find information about these wonderful features and the wealth of services and programs offered by the City of Lake Oswego and its community partners. ...

  • City of Lake Oswego Citizen Information Center

    Welcome to Lake Oswego’s Citizen Information Center 

    Part of the City Manager's - Public Affairs department, the Citizen Information Center (CIC) assists citizens with navigating City departments, provides information on City programs and services, and helps facilitate and resolve issues.

  • City of Lake Oswego LODown

    Lake Oswego’s electronic newsletter, LO Down, is published at least twice a month and highlights City Council actions, significant projects, citizen engagement opportunities, breaking news and other upcoming community activities and events.

  • The results of the 2013 Community Attitudes Survey are here.  Residents continue to be impressed with the City of Lake Oswego. Overall, residents rate the City 8.6, on a ten-point scale, as a place to live. However, overall satisfaction with the City of Lake Oswego local government slipped.