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City of Lake Oswego
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Citizen Request Tracker

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Lake Oswego’s Citizen Request Tracker is a tool that can be used to report street light issues, potholes, or other concerns listed below to the Public Works Department. Concerns can also be reported to the City of Lake Oswego using an app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Facebook; search for “Citizen Request Tracker” in the app store. Urgent matters should be directed to (503) 635-0280.

Use Citizen Request Tracker to report:

  • Draining, Unplugging or Cleaning Catch Basins.
  • Fixing of leaning, missing, or detached Street Signs in a Public Right of Way.
  • Investigating of Flooding, Ponding, or Standing Water.
  • Pothole Repairs.
  • Removing Overgrown Vegetation that Blocks Street Signs.
  • Rodents/Rats Sighted near Manholes/Sewer System - Request to Bait Nearby Manholes.
  • Street Sweeping.
  • Streetlight Repairs.
  • Water Pressure Tests.