Franchise Fees and Right-of-Way Management

Franchise Agreements in Lake Oswego

The City of Lake Oswego retains control of right-of way areas within the City’s boundaries. Non-City utilities that wish to construct and operate infrastructure within the right-of-way must have a franchise agreement with the City. Franchise agreements ensure that the private utility is constructing, operating, and maintaining their infrastructure in a way that complies with city code and regulation. In addition, franchise fees are negotiated and charged as part of this agreement. Franchise fees ensure that those using the public right-of-way are paying for their use of publicly owned areas. Franchise fees are typically calculated on a percentage of the revenues derived from sales of the utility company within the City. Length of agreements can vary, but most are in place for 10 or even 15 year periods.

For more information about current franchise agreements in Lake Oswego, see the table below. Links are included for full access to currently enacted agreements, as well as customer service information. Please note that maintenance or repair requests should be directed to the utility that owns the infrastructure.

Future Changes to the Franchise Agreement Process

The City is currently exploring the option of changing the way that Franchise Agreements are executed. As opposed to individual negotiations with each utility or company that is located or wishes to locate within the City right-of-way, the City is looking to change the process to a more streamlined approach. Proposed changes to the process will be presented to the City Council in the coming months, and more information about new policies and procedures will be posted on this webpage.

For more information about future changes to the franchise process, contact Rachel Sykes, Lake Oswego Public Works, at 503-635-0280.






Portland General Electric (PGE)


3.5% of revenues

Ordinance 2610

For streetlight issues, please call Lake Oswego Public Works at 503-635-0280. All other power issues should be directed towards PGE at 503-464-7777.



4.3% of revenues

Ordinance 2126


Republic Services

Solid Waste – Trash Hauling

5.0% of revenues

Ordinance 2600

Customer Service: 503-636-3011

Comcast (MACC)*


5.0% of revenues

Ordinance 2681

Customer Service for reporting problems with utility lines, cabinets: 1-888-824-8264

Frontier (MACC)*


5.0% of revenues

Ordinance 2486

Customer Service: 1-877-462-8188

CenturyLink (MACC)*


5.0% of revenues

Ordinance 2686

Customer Service: 1-800-244-1111



4.3% of revenues

Ordinance 2484

Customer Service to report problems with lines or boxes:


Northwest Natural Gas

Natural Gas

3.0% of revenues

Ordinance 2565

Customer Service: 503-226-4211

Electric Lightwave


5.0% of revenues or $1,500 per quarter, whichever is greater.

Ordinance 2564

Provides fiber services.

NewPath (Crown Castle)


5.0% of revenues, $10,000 minimum

Ordinance 2519

Provides data acquisition system utility services.

TW Telecom


5.0% of revenues or $1,500 per quarter, whichever is greater.

Ordinance 2489

Provides fiber services.

Wave Broadband (Astound)


5.0% of revenues or $1,500 per quarter, whichever is greater.

Ordinance 2693

Provides internet, phone and TV services.

CBX – Clackamas County Fiber


$0, fiber use by the City.

Ordinance 2691

Constructing a dark fiber line in the City.

*MACC – The Metropolitan Area Communications Commission negotiates cable agreements for several cities in the Portland area, including Lake Oswego.