Motor Pool

Motor Pool manages vehicle and equipment repairs and maintenance, from preventive maintenance to major overhauls. Motor Pool staff coordinates vehicle specifications for ordering and performs in-house setup of new vehicles, performs preventive maintenance and repairs throughout the service life of vehicles and decommissions vehicles for surplus sale.

Motor Pool maintains 154 vehicles (e.g. cars, pickups, and trucks) and 402 pieces of other equipment, such as 23 generators, 72 large pieces of equipment (e.g. tractors, large area mowers, sweepers, vactors, backhoes, and loaders), and 307 pieces of small equipment (e.g. chainsaws, pumps, blowers, weed-eaters and numerous small mowers.) The Superintendent and two mechanics have over 90 years of collective experience repairing all types of vehicles and equipment.

Motor Pool is also responsible for DEQ inspections and compliance of the City fleet. Out of 96 vehicles currently requiring semi-annual DEQ inspection and certification, Motor Pool performs 79 of these in-house. 17 vehicles must be tested by DEQ because they are over 17 years old. Vehicles less than four years of age and vehicles over 8,800 pounds are exempt from certification. All three of the Motor Pool personnel are certified by Oregon DEQ to inspect and certify City of Lake Oswego’s fleet.

Since 1990 Motor Pool has completed all emergency vehicle set-up, excluding large fire trucks, in-house. This includes all lights, sirens, radios, and specialty equipment installations.
Motor Pool also installs and manages the City’s vehicular mounted and portable two-way radio systems.

There are many significant advantages to having an in-house Motor Pool Division: Centralized and comprehensive maintenance of vehicles and equipment, consistency and uniformity of vehicle types, rapid response to emergency repairs to keep equipment in the field – especially during weather events such as snow and ice, windstorms, flooding, etc.

For more information regarding the City of Lake Oswego Motor Pool, contact:

Dan Nicholson, Motor Pool Superintendent
Phone (direct): (503) 534-5685
Phone (office): (503) 635-0280