Naturscaping Video

Naturescaping seeks to match what you plant in your yard to the conditions of moisture, exposure, and soils in your yard using native plants and other well adapted (and well behaved) plants.  It’s water wise and helps improve water quality too!

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For more information on Naturescaping and related topics, check out these resources:

  • What is Naturescaping, really?  Check out this description from the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District  here.
  • Interested in Naturscaping workshops?  Look at upcoming offerings here.  Our local nurseries and local gardening books are also very helpful in finding the right native plant for your site conditions.
  • Want some guidelines on pesticide and fertilizer use in your Naturescape?  Check out resources here.
  • Want a good deal?  Get a coupon here for “the good (right) stuff.”
  • Ready for the next step beyond Naturescaping?  Become a Certified Backyard Habitat through our partners: Friends of Tryon Creek, Columbia Land Trust, and Audubon Society of Portland.  Information on this program is found here.

If you have questions or would like more information contact Kevin McCaleb, Water Conservation Specialist at 503-675-3747. Let’s work together on solutions.