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City of Lake Oswego
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Standard Details Description

The following index lists the City's Standard Details, hereinafter "Details," for construction of public improvements. The Details can be accessed individually for review or downloading by clicking on the detail number.  They are available in AutoCAD, JPG, and Adobe Acrobat.

These Details are intended for use by design professionals for the design and construction of public improvements required to provide service to private development but which are owned and maintained by the City of Lake Oswego. They should also be used for the design and construction of privately owned and maintained facilities to be located in City owned rights-of-way and/or to be connected to City owned facilities.

It is expected that changes in technology, materials of construction, and contractors' means and methods will require periodic revision of these Details. However, modification of these Details without express approval by the City Engineer is prohibited. Your assistance in reporting any errors and providing suggestions for additions, deletions or revisions to maintain these Details is welcomed and appreciated. Inquiries regarding current or imminent revisions, suggestions, and reports of errors or omissions should be directed to the City Engineer.

We try to update these details on a regular basis, however, we do not guarantee that the most recent version will be published on this site.  To guarantee that the most up-to-date version is available on this web site, please contact the Engineering Department at 503-635-0270 or email.