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City of Lake Oswego

Street Lights

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Have you seen a street light that is out, on during the day, damaged or is flickering on and off?  
The City of Lake Oswego is responsible for maintaining approximately 15% of the street lights in Lake Oswego. The remaining 85% of the lights are maintained by Portland General Electric (PGE).  

If you see a street light issue in the Mountain Park Area or on Hwy 43 along Marylhurst University, it is likely the responsibility of the City of Lake Oswego. Please call the Operations Division at 503-635-0280 or submit a request through our Citizen Request Tracker to report this street light.

If you see a street light issue in the City other than the areas described above, please contact PGE at 503-464-7777 or submit a request online with the PGE Report a Streetlight Form.

If you are calling PGE to report the light, you will need the following information:

  • Street Address (including number address if available)
  • Map ID Number
  • Pole Number
    The Map ID and Pole Number can be found physically on the pole. It will be printed on a small silver tag, typically located at eye level. See examples of identification tags below.

We have also included a link to our Street Light Map that will indicate whether PGE or Lake Oswego maintains the light in question. Option A (green) and Option B (red) street lights are maintained by PGE. Option C (blue) street lights are maintained by Lake Oswego.

If you need further assistance, please contact the City of Lake Oswego's Operations Division at 503-635-0280.

Oval PGE Tag

Oval PGE Tag

Round PGE Tag

Round PGE Tag