Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Background / Summary: 

The place where most of the Lake Oswego's sewage goes, the Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (TCWTP), located in Foothills, is the subject of an 18 month facility planning process. The process will identify capital improvement projects needed to meet Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requirements and address odor problems and visual issues for existing and future businesses and residents in Foothills.

TCWTP, which was built almost 50 years ago,is owned and operated by the City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services. The Plant treats wastewater from sewer customers of both the City of Portland and the City of Lake Oswego under an inter-governmental agreement.

The facilities planning process includes an Oversight Committee and a Citizen Advisory Committee, both of which include Lake Oswego ratepayers and leaders.

Detailed project information, as well as committee agendas and meeting minutes, can be found at the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services website.

Status Updates: 

The TCWTP Citizen Advisory Group will not be meeting during the months of November and December.

Project Details
Public Works Project
City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
Project Contact: 
Brant Williams 503-534-4225