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City of Lake Oswego
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Water Quality Reports

2015 Water Quality Report Cover

We want you to know...

Lake Oswego has reduced paper use by providing the 2016 Annual Water Quality Report online. Cities are no longer required to send the reports in the mail. It is a great choice for everyone, and the planet.

If you would like a FREE printed copy, please call 503-635-0394, or fill out the online webform and we will send a copy to your mailing address.

Each Year Since 1998...

...the City has been required by Federal law to publish and distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (water quality report).  We look forward to producing the best quality report we can and sharing our results with our customers.  Reports for the following calendar years are available:


2007 Report 2008 Report 2009 Report
2010 Report 2011 Report 2012 Report
2013 Report 2014 Report 2015 Report
2016 Report