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The Lake Oswego Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining infrastructure systems throughout the City to ensure they are working correctly, efficiently, and that the life of assets is maximized. Streets, Water, Sewer, Stormwater, Motor Pool and City Beautification maintenance programs make up the department with each responsible for their own infrastructure system.

Here at Public Works, we take pride in providing utility maintenance to help make Lake Oswego a great place to live.

News & Announcements

Lead and Drinking Water - Free test kits available

Water Treatment Plant staff have responded to many water customer requests for lead samples over the past year.

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Maintenance Center Project

Project Summary: Maintenance Center:

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Sandbags Available to Lake Oswego Residents

The City is offering sand and bags to residents of Lake Oswego. Sand and bags are available at Hazelia Field, 17800 Stafford Rd (parking lot). Overhead lights will be on throughout the night so that citizens can fill the sandbags more easily. Citizens can take as many bags as necessary, but will need to fill their own bags. Some shovels are provided.

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Water Audits

 One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to save water is make sure that equipment is functioning appropriately and is efficient.  The City offers free Water Audits to help citizens find ways to use less water.   Water audits are performed during the spring and summer seasons when watering yards begins.  Watering your yard is the main way that water is lost either through over watering or inefficient systems.  The Water Conversation Specialist can also help someone with understanding water efficient appliances, conservation tools and leak detection, many times over the phone.

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