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  • Water Treatment Plant staff have responded to many water customer requests for lead samples over the past year. Of the 25 homes, churches and day care facilities tested in Lake Oswego in 2016 at the owners request, all samples have been below the US Environmental Protection Agency action level of 15 parts per billion and the majority...

  • LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – This summer, the City of Lake Oswego collected water samples from taps in each City-owned building, to test for the presence of lead in the water from faucets or building plumbing.

  • City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

    Project Summary: Maintenance Center:

  • Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership

    Let’s celebrate National Drinking Water Week and our unsung heroes!

    Tap water provides public health protection, fire suppression, drives our economy and supports the quality of life we enjoy.

  • Clackamas River

    In light of the unfortunate water quality issues in Flint, Michigan, the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership would like to share some information about the quality of Lake Oswego’s drinking water, which Tigard water customers will also share this summer.

  • City of Lake Oswego sandbags available

    The City is offering sand and bags to residents of Lake Oswego. Sand and bags are available at Hazelia Field, 17800 Stafford Rd (parking lot). Overhead lights will be on throughout the night so that citizens can fill the sandbags more easily. Citizens can take as many bags as necessary, but will need to fill their own...

  • Water Audits can show you where you could save

     One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to save water is make sure that equipment is functioning appropriately and is efficient.  The City offers free Water Audits to help citizens find ways to use less water.   Water audits are performed during the spring and summer seasons when...

  • City of Lake Oswego low flow toilet

    The City offers rebates on water conserving models of washing machines and toilets.