Land Use Case File
LU 10-0005
Review Body
Ministerial Review

City of Lake Oswego Water and Parks & Recreation Dept.

Location of Property

4800 Carman Drive, 4901 Stone Avenue

Tax Map/Lot

21E 07AD TL: 700, 900, 1000 (Carman)

21E 07AD TL: 3100(Stone Avenue)


The Applicant is requesting the following:

  • A lot line adjustment between Tax Lots 700, 900, 1000 (unified site) and Tax Lot 3100.  The lot line adjustment would transfer approximately 0.64 acres from Tax Lot 3100 to Tax Lots 700, 900, 1000; and,
  • A Resource Conservation (RC) delineation on Tax Lot 3100.
Notice of Decision
Staff Report
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