Land Use Case File
LU 10-0006
Review Body
Development Review Commission
Hearing Date
November 1, 2010

Lake Oswego School District (O)

Goodman Networks (A)

Location of Property

4700 Jean Road

Tax Map/Lot
21E 18 TL: 100

The Applicant is requesting approval of a Conditional Use Permit for a new telecommunications facility at Waluga Junior High School.  This facility will co-locate with existing ball field lighting.

Notice of Public Hearing
Staff Report
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 1
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 2
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 3
Additional exhibits received prior to June 7, 2010 hearing
Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order
Lighting Study requested by the Commission
Staff Report
Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order