Land Use Case File

LU 10-0042

Review Body
Planning Commission
Work Session Date
October 25, 2010

Hearing Date

The Planning Commission made a recommendation to the City Council at the public hearing on February 14, 2011.  The Commission adopted the Findings, Conclusions and Order (to be forwarded to the City Council) at its meeting on

April 25, 2011.

The City Council has a Study Session scheduled for May 10, 2011 and the Public Hearing tentatively scheduled for June 7, 2011. To visit the City Council web page, click here.


City of Lake Oswego

Location of Property and

Tax Map(s)/Lot(s)

23 properties, consisting of approximately 24 acres, near the intersection of Boones Ferry and Pilkington Roads.  To view map, click here.

Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to

Dennis Egner, Assistant Planning Director, at (503) 697-6576.


A request from the City of Lake Oswego for a legislative amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Map, Zoning Map and Community Development Code to create a zoning overlay for the Industrial Park (IP) District allowing office, service and limited retail uses.


Legislative Public Hearing (Rescheduled) Notice

(sent to neighborhood chairs in affected area)

Measure 56 Public Hearing (Rescheduled) Notice

(sent to affected property owners)

10/11/10 Work Session
Staff Memo, dated 09/30/10

10/25/10 Work Session

Staff Memo, dated 10/18/10
11/22/10 Public Hearing


Staff Report, dated 11/15/10
Staff Memo, dated 11/19/10
02/14/11 Public Hearing
Supplemental Staff Report, dated 02/08/11
A-1.1: Draft Ordinance 2561 (dated 11/10/10)

A-1.2: Option A - Draft Ordinance 2561 (dated 02/07/11)

(Proposed Industrial Park Overlay District Code Section)

A-1.3: Option B - Draft Ordinance 2561 (dated 02/07/11)

(Proposed Industrial Park Overlay District Code Section)

E-1:  Aerial photo of Boones FerryRoad/Pilkington Road
E-2: IP Zone Analysis Table (dated 09-29-10)
E-3: Area maps (Scenarios 1-3)
E-4: Industrial Use Table (dated 10/18/10)
E-5: Commercial Self Storage
E-6: Boones Ferry Zone District Observations
E-7: IP Industrial Zone
E-8: Lake Oswego IP Zone & Proposed overlay
E-9: Parcels fronting on Boones Ferry Road
F-1: Transportation Study from Kittelson & Associates (dated 10/25/10)
F-1.1: Transportation Study from Kittelson & Associates (dated 11/15/10)
F-2: Memo from Mike Duyn (dated 10/18/10)

G-1: E-Mail from Peter Klaebe, Rosewood Neighborhood Association

        (dated 11/17/10)

G-2:  E-Mail from Mike Duyn (dated 12/27/10)
Work Session
May 10, 2011
Public Hearing
Tentatively scheduled for June 7, 2011