Phase 1 Community Development Code Reorganization (PP 10-0019/LU 11-0036)






The public draft of the reorganized Community Development Code (CDC) is now available for review and comment at the link, below.

A public hearing on the Draft CDC before the City Council is scheduled for February 21, 2012.


To view the draft, click here.

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In the summer of 2010, the City completed an audit of the Community Development Code (CDC) and related codes to identify problems with the organization, readability, and usability and to define an approach for creating a more user-friendly code. The final recommendation of the audit was endorsed by the City Council and involves a two-phase approach to overhaul the codes.

Phase 1:     the CDC and other development-related chapters will be reviewed for practical changes to improve clarity, organization, and user-friendliness, setting the stage for future amendments. Phase 1 will kick off in December 2010 and is expected to be completed in early 2012.

Phase 2:     substantive, policy-related issues identified during the initial code audit and Phase 1 will be addressed. Phase 2 could be implemented within six months of completion of Phase 1, but depends on the availability of funding.

The goal of the Phase 1 Code Reorganization project is to present the existing content of the Community Development Code (CDC) and related development codes in a more coherent, consistent, concise and user-friendly manner. More detailed information about the Phase 1 project is provided in the Work Plan.

For background information on the Code Audit, go to the Code Audit project page.



Both experienced code users and the general public are encouraged to follow along and get involved in this important and exciting project.  The public draft of the reorganized code is available for review at the above link and copies are also available for viewing and checkout at the Lake Oswego Library.

A public hearing on the Draft Reorganized CDC was held with the Planning Commission on December 12, 2011 and the Commission adopted their Findings, Conclusions and Order on January 9, 2012, recommending approval of the Draft CDC to the City Council.  A public hearing on the Draft CDC before the City Council is scheduled for February 21, 2012.


If you have questions or would like to submit comments,

contact the City’s project managers:

Jessica Numanoglu (503) 635-0283 and Leslie Hamilton (503) 675-3731



Written comments can also be dropped off during regular business hours at the Planning and Building Services Department on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 380 A Avenue or mailed to the following address:       

          Planning & Building Service Department

          City of Lake Oswego

          P.O. Box 369

          380 "A" Avenue

Lake Oswego, OR  97034         





To view public meeting documents, click here.




An informal work group consisting of current City Council, Board, and Commission members and City staff has been formed to provide direction to the project consultant when it is unclear whether a proposed change is organizational or substantive. The Work Group will meet or confer on an as-needed basis during the drafting phases of the project.

Each recommendation of the Work Group will be recorded and footnoted in the drafts of the reorganized code so that they can be identified and reviewed at public meetings and the adoption hearings. The Work Group meeting agendas and notes are posted below.  A list of the Work Group members is provided in the Work Plan.

To view Work Group meeting documents, click here.