LO Commute Challenge

Congratulations 2015 Winners and Participants!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's LO Commute Challenge! Congratulations to Steven King who earned the most Leaves (greatest amount of CO2 avoided), Sarah Milaxregelii who logged the most trips, and Jon LeBaron who logged the most miles! Great work everyone!

Here are some fun facts about the event:

  • Total Miles Traveled: 5725
  • Longest Single Trip: 119.47 miles
  • Total Miles Biked: 3766.75
  • Total Miles Walked: 312.84
  • Total TriMet Miles: 312.84
  • Total estimated CO2 saved by replacing car trips during the challenge: 4759lbs!

Thank you to our sponsors Bike Gallery, Lakeside Bicycles and Trainers Club, as well as to all the generous businesses who donated prizes!