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Waste-Free Holidays Workshop

Date/Time: Sun, Oct 20, 2013 2:00pm - 4:00pm

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During the holidays, from decorations and food to packaging and presents, there are many creative and meaningful ways to reduce our waste.

Betty Shelley, a waste prevention and recycling educator from Metro, will lead this free event focused on waste reduction with a holiday twist.

Join us for this unique, engaging, and informative waste prevention workshop, sponsored by the Sustainability Advisory Board. Learn how to reduce your overall household waste and discuss mindful holiday purchasing and other tips to take steps toward achieving a waste-free holiday season!

Amazingly, Betty’s household has produced only one can of garbage a year since 2006, showing that with a little planning significant changes can be made. Find out more about the Shelley’s efforts in this recent Oregonian article, and find additional links to resources below.

For more information about the workshop, contact Susan Millhauser by email or at 503-635-0291.