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Chuck Palahniuk
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I wasn't quite sure what to put for the genre of this novel. There wasn't a "gross" category. I put Supernatural/Horror, but it's really just Horror. The story is intriguing, at least to me. The book is about a group of 15 or so writers who are invited to go on a "Writer's Retreat." They are promised complete isolation from the outside world for three months, provided they do not tell anyone about their location. Once they arrive, they realize that they are trapped in a concrete building. The person who is in charge, Mr. Whittier, tries to help them write. The writers, however, became enraged, and formed a plan. They started sabotaging themselves by breaking the locks, poisoning the food, breaking the utilities, going so far as to start chopping off their fingers, just so that when they are rescued, they can make a movie and earn a lot of money. Throughout the story, each character shares their story. The writers don't go by their real names, they go by names that are given to each other based on their actions. The character's story reveals why they have their names. Most of the stories involve death or extreme injury, but in creative ways. If you have a weak stomach, however, you probably won't be able to make it through the book. Palahnuik can get pretty graphic sometimes. The most intriguing part to me was the stories. I enjoyed learning about everyone's past, despite the images it gave me. The plot wasn't the most important part of the story, nor my favorite, but it did its job. It sort of reveals something about humanity, especially the ending, which I won't give away as many people don't like spoilers. I would recommend this book to mostly high schoolers, and only those who have a strong stomach.