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Fantasy March 2015

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

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New in March 2015

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
Eighteen-year-old Finn , an outsider in his quiet Midwestern town, is the only witness to the abduction of town favorite Roza, but his inability to distinguish between faces makes it difficult for him to help with the investigation, and subjects him to even more ridicule nd bullying.

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman (Sequel to Seraphina)
"Seraphina, half-dragon and half-human, searches for others like her who can make the difference in the war between dragons and humans in the kingdom of Goredd"-- Provided by publisher.

Death Marked by Leah Cypress (Sequel to Death Sworn)
After killing the leader of a clan of assassins and falling in love with his heir, a young sorceress discovers she is the one person to bring down the evil Empire that has been oppressing her people for centuries, and now, in the heart of the Empire, Ileni herself is the deadliest weapon the assassins have ever had.

New in February 2015

I Wish by Elizabeth Langston
While at a flea market, Lacey Linden finds a music box that contains a genie that offers to grant her one wish a day for a month.

Dearest by Althea Kontis (The Woodcutter Sisters, book 3)
"When Friday Woodcutter, a kind and loving seamstress, stumbles upon seven sleeping brothers in her sister Sunday's palace, she takes one look at Tristan and knows he's her future. But the brothers are cursed to be swans by day. Can Friday's unique magic somehow break the spell?"-- Provided by publisher.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
In a world divided by blood--those with common, Red blood serve the Silver-blooded elite, who are gifted with superhuman abilities--seventeen-year-old Mare, a Red, discovers she has an ability of her own.

All That Burns by Ryan Graudin (Sequel to All That Glows)
"As newly crowned London royals Emrys and Richard unite mortal and Faery in their new kingdom, a dangerous force gains strength, threatening their love and the world they've built"--Provided by publisher.

Covenant's End by Ari Marmell (Widdershins Adventure, book 4)
A teenage thief and her partner, an invisible minor god who lives in her head, battle against the might of monsters and the machinations of men in a French-flavored fantasy world"--Provided by publisher.

New in January 2015

Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan (The Lynburn Legacy, book 3)
"Kami Glass and friends battle sorcerers in order to save the sleepy town of Sorry-in-the-Vale while Kami struggles with her own emotions, caught between Ash, the boy who loves her, and Jared, the boy she loves."--Provided by publisher.

Ignite by Sara B. Larson (Defy, book 2)
King Damian and his trusted guard, Alexa, focus on rebuilding Antion after years of war and strife, but the citizens are reluctant to trust their new king, and when a new threat arises, including an assassination attempt, Alexa must protect the king she loves and uncover the enemy before it is too late.

Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly (Waterfire Saga, book 2)
A Serafina uncovers more clues about the talismans, Neela ventures into a sea dragon's nest, and Ling learns the identity of their foe.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
In the town of Fairfold, where humans and fae exist side by side, a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives awakes after generations of sleep in a glass coffin in the woods, causing Hazel to be swept up in new love, shift her loyalties, feel the fresh sting of betrayal, and to make a secret sacrifice to the faerie king.

Polly and the One and Only World by Don Bredes
Born with the gift of magic, fifteen-year-old Polly must stay hidden from the repressive government of a future United States and figure out how to use her powers to defeat the regime.

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking (The Kanin Chronicles, book 1)
Tracker Bryn Aven's goal of becoming a member of the elite King's Guard is threatened when she is sent to stop Konstantin, a fallen hero who she once secretly loved, who appears to be kidnapping changelings.