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Title: Library Grand Opening Year: 1983
Photo ID: 1018 Dimensions: H 3.5" x W 5"
Format: Photograph (Color) Condition: Good
Collection: Local History Collection Repository Lake Oswego Library
Notes: Opened Aug. 22, 1983. Second library located at 4th & D Ave. [paper] Oregon's Poet Laureate, William Stafford was a featured speaker before the ribbon was cut and the doors opened. "Invisible skyrockets, we know, are going off over our town today: our library is back. In parts of the world where pollution is overwhelming people, they have established oxygen stations: you can stop by and inhale and be saved: this is our station. Many keys hide here and are called forth by a little signal: the nudge of a book and all of history crystallizes from a dazzled read again and again . . .Complete transcript of William Stafford's opening words are available in the reference department.
Notes on back: Wm. Stafford, Poet Laureate.
Duplication rights: Credit Lake Oswego Public Library
Keywords: TV Channel 2; cameras; cameraman; doors; ribbons; Steve Turner; William Martin
Subjects: People; Libraries; Celebrations