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A picture of Breaking Dawn   Breaking Dawn
By Stephenie Meyer
5 stars
Reviewed by Kendall. Posted 6/25/2009. Reserve this item

I thought that this book was the best book out of the Twilight Series! It is about how Bella and Edward are finally getting married. But everything goes downhill when Bella realizes that she and Edward are going to be blessed with a half vampire/human baby. But while conceiving that baby, Bella almost dies. In order to save her, Edward must pump his venom into her heart. After Bella is changed, and she has conceived the baby, a vampire spy sees Renesmee (Bella and Edward's baby) and runs to Italy to report to the Volturi that the Cullen family has created a blood-crazy newborn child (or so they say). But since Renesmee is not dangerous at all, there is a big mistake. So in order to save the life of Renesmee, and the lives of the Cullen family, the Cullen family and Jacob's wolf pack must find a way to aviod a war that ends with them dying.
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