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A picture of Ginger bread   Ginger bread
By Rachel Cohn
5 stars
Reviewed by Kenny. Posted 7/22/2010. Reserve this item

This book is the first book in the spunky series about a punk girl known as Cyd Charisse who is back in the heart of San Fransisco where she meets Shrimp the painter/surfer/true love of her life after being kicked out of her rich England boarding school. But when Cyd pushes her mom and step-dad, Nancy and Sid, too far, she becomes a painfull burden to the whole family. Sid and Nancy decide to send their rebellious daughter to New York to visit her bio dad Frank. Along with her childhood doll, Gingerbread, Cyd will get a big suprise as she discovers a dad she never expected to meet, and a family she never thought she'd be more wrong about.
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