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A picture of Eyeshield 21 Volume 1   Eyeshield 21 Volume 1
By Riichiro Inagakiri
3 stars
Reviewed by TTDOA. Posted 6/11/2011. Reserve this item

Eyeshield 21 follows the adventures of Sena, a high-schooler in his first year, who is forced/coaxed into joining the football team. Sena is inhumanly fast, due to being used as a "gopher boy" by many bullies over the years, and the devilish team manager of the school's football team, The Demon Bats, seeks to use Sena as his secret weapon to win games. Sena joins, thinking he will be the team manager, but when the team is losing their first game, Sena is forced to play, and the outcome of the game can be seen by reading the book! Fans of sports and humor will enjoy!
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