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A picture of Ragnarok Vol. 1   Ragnarok Vol. 1
By Myung-Jin Lee
5 stars
Reviewed by The Great and Scary Ancient Demon L. Posted 6/14/2012. Reserve this item

The manhwa Ragnarok is one of the greatest things ever! The first volume follows the warlock Fenris Fenrir on her quest to find the fallen god Balder, while showing the adventures of some other main characters such as the rune knight Chaos and the cleric Iris Irine. The plot of Ragnarok can be very confusing, with a lot of unanswered questions, but the art is amazing and the plot is also extremely intriguing. I would recommend this graphic novel for fans of Norse mythology, which the story is based off, but all fantasy fans could enjoy Ragnarok. -The Great and Scary Ancient Demon Lord Raenef (in extra sparkle mode)
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