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CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />Youth Leadership Council Minutes <br />June 7, 2017 <br />Call to Order / Roll Call <br />Chair Isabelle Cullen called the June 7, 2017 meeting of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) to order at <br />5:15 p.m. at the Council Chambers, City Hall, 380 A Ave, Lake Oswego, Oregon. <br />Members Present: <br />Members Excused/Absent <br />Staff: <br />Public: <br />Announcements from Board and Staff <br />Rhys Richmond, Isabelle Cullen, River Smith, Michael Murray, <br />Renee Kozlowski, Brooke Baker, Annie Choo, Jensen Kaelin, <br />Sebastian Marin-Quiros, Kyle Langford, Councilor Joe Buck <br />None <br />Jenny Slepian, Sustainability and Management Analyst <br />None <br />Jenny asked the Council to decide on a day in July to meet. The Council also needs to pick one or two <br />councilors to attend Friday networking at the Chamber of Commerce. There will also be opportunities <br />for the councilors to shadow city staff over the summer, so let Jenny know who would like to shadow. <br />Police and Fire ride alongs can also be scheduled. <br />Joe gave an update on City Council business. The Council will be discussing the fireworks show at the <br />June 201" study session, and he suggested the YLC write a letter in support or attend the meeting if they <br />can. The YLC then discussed the City rules on Airbnb. Some of the issues associated with Airbnb rentals <br />are an increase in traffic, neighbors feeling disrespected, and a lack of housing for renters. The City also <br />does not collect taxes on Airbnbs. River and Kyle each asked questions about how to regulate them - <br />does the city of registry of Airbnb customers? Can hotel taxes be charged to Airbnbs? <br />Approval of Minutes <br />The Council unanimously approved the May 2, 2017 meeting minutes. <br />Public Comment <br />None <br />Regular Business <br />A. 2017 Projects <br />With Rhys leaving, Annie and Renee will spearhead the LOSpeaks project. They will be responsible for <br />booking Lakeridge auditorium, developing a logo, and working with Cyndie Glazer. <br />Sebastian and River will lead the Clackamas County Youth Council Summit project. <br />