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DEAD <br /> CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br /> M � <br /> Youth Leadership Council Minutes <br /> October 4, 2017 <br /> OREG0"� <br /> COU NG�� <br /> Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Chair Annie Choo called the September 6, 2017 meeting of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC)to order <br /> at 5:15 p.m. in Council Chambers, 380 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, Oregon. <br /> Members Present: Annie Choo, Brooke Baker, River Smith, Michael Murray, Olivia <br /> Gaussoin, Natalie Goldberg, Renee Kozlowski (late),Jensen <br /> Kaelin (late), Councilor Joe Buck (late) <br /> Members Excused/Absent Seba Marin-Quiroz (absent), Kyle Langford (absent) <br /> Staff: Jenny Slepian, Sustainability and Management Analyst; Rusty <br /> Palmeri, LOPD <br /> Public: None <br /> Announcements from Board and Staff <br /> The National League of Cities Congressional Cities Conference will be March 11-14, 2018. Start thinking <br /> about whether you can go, and how we are going to raise money. <br /> Approval of Minutes <br /> The Council unanimously approved the September 6, 2017 meeting minutes. <br /> Public Comment <br /> None <br /> Regular Business <br /> A. Council Update <br /> Councilor Buck was late and did not give a Council update. <br /> B. LO Speaks Update <br /> Renee is staying on top of coordinating everyone's tasks, and so far everyone is on track. River is going <br /> to check in with Isabelle to see whether she would still like to give a talk. Natalie will send River a copy <br /> of the flyer to recruit youth speakers.Jenny reminded the group to stay in touch with Cyndie Glazer to <br /> be sure that our schedule works with the LO Reads schedule.Jenny asked Michael if all the adult <br /> speakers were still in, and he was going to check. <br /> C. NLC Conference <br />