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I. Call to Order / Roll Call <br />CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />Tourism Advisory Committee Minutes <br />City Hall Council Chambers <br />January 26, 2017 <br />Chair Bill Tierney called the meeting to order at 9:07 am. <br />Members present: Bill Tierney, Sonal Haladay, Andrew Edwards, Roger Beebe, Marylou Colver, <br />Megan Lau Pozos and Councilor Jackie Manz. <br />Excused absence: Lori Gaffney, Brian Monihan <br />Staff present: Scott Lazenby -City Manager, Corinne Strauser-Deputy City Recorder <br />Guests: Nicole Nathan -Arts Council, Margaret Snow Benoit -Arts Council, Kelsey Ferreira -Arts <br />Council, Ivan Anderholm-Parks and Recreation Director <br />II. Approval of Minutes <br />Marylou Colver moved to approve the minutes and Roger Beebe seconded the motion with one <br />correction. The minutes from December 1, 2016 meeting were unanimously approved. <br />III. Public Comment <br />None. <br />IV. Council Update <br />Councilor Manz shared the Council Goals for 2017. <br />V. 2017 Work Plan <br />Chair Bill Tierney discussed the proposed three tracks for the TAC's 2017 Work Plan and the <br />creation of sub -committees to work on each track with the full committee to make decision on <br />refinements and approval. The three tracks are: <br />1) Understand the visitor <br />a) Develop visitor profile -Megan (lead) <br />2) Marketing Lake Oswego -Lori (lead) <br />3) Investment -Proposal of Investments of hotel/motel tax to present to Council. <br />Action: Assign members to work on sub -committees. <br />Motion: Adopt 2017 Work Plan focusing on three criteria's: 1) Foundation and Data Collection 2) <br />Marketing 3) Investment. Andrew Edwards moved to approve the motion and Roger Beebe <br />seconded. Unanimously approved. <br />VI. Action Item Review <br />Presentations were made for the following: <br />• Public Art Master Plan presented by guests Nicole Nathan, Margaret Snow Benoit, and <br />Kelsey Ferreira, Lake Oswego Arts Council. <br />• Mountain Biking Trails presented by Ivan Anderholm, Parks and Recreation Director. <br />