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(c:( <br /> PARKS, RECREATION & NATURAL RESOURCES ADVISORY BOARD <br /> .� 0 MINUTES <br /> V ___ O <br /> March 15, 2017 <br /> OREGOr� <br /> Co-Chair Bill Gordon called the meeting to order at 6:04p.m. at Palisades <br /> Present: Co-Chair Bill Gordon,James Stupfel, Heidi Schrimsher, Charles Aubin, Chris Stewart, <br /> Tom Widden,Skip O'Neill, Council Liaison <br /> Absent: Co-Chair Scott Bullard,Todd Van Rysselberghe, Mark Hoyt, Rhys Richmond,Youth <br /> Member <br /> Staff: Ivan Anderholm, Director of Parks & Recreation,Jan Wirtz, Superintendent of Parks <br /> & Recreation, Bruce Powers, Parks Analyst/Project Manager and Dina Balogh, Parks <br /> & Recreation Administrative Assistant,Jeff Munro, Parks Director <br /> Guests: Tom Mueller, Lake Oswego Golf Course Manager, Nancy Dahl, Parks Board <br /> applicant, Michael Klein, ORPA Director,Jim Fisher and Chris Huettemeyer. <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> The Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Advisory Board (PARKS Board) reviewed and unanimously <br /> approved the minutes with one minor change from February 15, 2017. <br /> Citizen Comment <br /> • Jim Fisher, representative from the Hallinan neighborhood thanked the board for taking the <br /> time to tour Hallinan Natural Area on March 11 and speaking to neighbors during the visit. <br /> CITY COUNCIL UPDATE <br /> • The City Council will be meeting with the school district to discuss the School bond. <br /> • The Council will be discussing the needed repairs to City Hall.The funds for repairs would cover <br /> replacing windows and siding.The discussion will be on the agenda for the next few months. <br /> • Building a new police station. <br /> • Water project update—The project is moving from a construction relationship to a management <br /> relationship. The City of Tigard has approached the City of Lake Oswego proposing that the two <br /> cities create a water board. Current employees who manage the water department would move <br /> over to the new created water board. Lake Oswego would not lose water rights. <br /> • North Anchor update—Survey and renderings of the North Anchor is in progress. <br /> REGULAR BUSINESS <br /> Draft-Parks Capital Improvement Projects(CIP) Review: <br /> Ivan Anderholm presented the draft of the CIP list to the board.The Operating Capital Projects lists <br /> Parks projects in order of priority.The CIP top 3; Iron Mountain,Woodmont Park and Stevens Meadows <br /> are projected to be funded.The Cooks Butte seller has postponed the sale of the property. <br /> Iron Mountain. Number 10, Bryant Woods/Canal Acres/River Run could be re- prioritized. Ivan told the <br /> board that it is hard to know where to place a new Parks & Recreation facility on the list at this point. <br /> The board agreed that the indoor Recreational Facility should be a topic for discussion. <br />