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AGENDA <br />TOURISM ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />Monday, June 19, 2017 <br />10 a.m. — 12 p.m. <br />Main Fire Station Conference Room, 300 B Avenue <br />Contact: Corinne Strauser,, 503-675-3984 <br />Also published on the internet at: tac/tourism-advisory-committee <br />The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. To request accommodations please contact the City <br />Manager's Office 48 hours before the meeting. <br />I. Call to Order <br />II. Approval of April 26, 2017 meeting minutes <br />III. City Council Update -Councilor Manz <br />IV. Conflict of Interest -David Powell <br />V. Code Change to Membership Requirements for TAC <br />VI. Significant Action Item Review <br />a. Lake Oswego Veterans Memorial Proposal -Bob Hill <br />b. Rogerson Clematis Collection Presentation <br />VII. Financial Report -Jordan Wheeler <br />VIII. Committee Financial Policy <br />a. Annual Grant <br />b. Capital Recommendations <br />IX. Set next meeting <br />X. Adjourn <br />ATTACHMENTS <br />Please note that all materials are sent electronically. We kindly asked that you review before the meeting! <br />