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I. Call to Order / Roll Call <br />CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />Tourism Advisory Committee Minutes <br />Main Fire Station Conference Room <br />June 19, 2017 <br />Chair Bill Tierney called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m. <br />Members present: Andrew Edwards, Bill Tierney, Sonal Haladay and Councilor Jackie Manz. <br />Excused absence: Megan Lau Pozos, Marylou Colver, Roger Beebe, Lori Gaffney <br />Absent: Brian Monihan <br />Staff present: Corinne Strauser-Deputy City Recorder, David Powell -City Attorney, Jordan <br />Wheeler -Deputy City Manager <br />Guests: Bob Hill, Michael Holm, Tom Gregoire, John Hanan II -Veteran's Memorial, Phyllis <br />McCanna-Rogerson Clematis Collection <br />Chair Tierney acknowledged there was not a quorum present to take action and today's meeting <br />would be informational only. <br />II. Approval of Minutes <br />No revisions or corrections but minutes were not approved due to lack of quorum. <br />Action: Approve April 26, 2017 minutes at next meeting. <br />III. Council Update <br />Councilor Manz reported that the Budget was approved which included funding for the Oregon <br />Iron Jubilee and Classic Car and Boat Show. A discussion of regulating short term rentals will be <br />part of a study session at the next council meeting and Councilor Manz will report TAC's position <br />on supporting allow short term rentals to the Council. <br />IV. Conflicts of Interest <br />City Attorney David Powell explained the Oregon Government Ethics Law and how it could affect <br />the Committee's funding recommendations to the City Council. David recommended creating a <br />policy addressing a member's conflict of interest. Chair Tierney recommended Committee <br />members recuse themselves or declare a potential conflict of interest if they are a board <br />member of that organization. <br />The Committee members agreed to discuss setting a policy and criteria about grant requests, <br />and conflicts of interest at next the meeting. Members also expressed interest in creating a <br />rubric for grant criteria. <br />V. Presentations <br />A) Lake Oswego Veteran's Memorial Proposal. Bob Hill presented a proposal requesting <br />$75,000 from the Tourism Fund to support a Veteran's Memorial for Phase I of the project. <br />Chair Tierney stated that the Committee needs to get procedures in place before <br />considering any proposals for the 2018 budget cycle. Once that has been established, the <br />