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Mink River Audiobook!

 Tualatin Valley Community Television
taped the Brian Doyle presentation on February 8! 

The broadcasts will be available in these areas


Forest Grove

King City
Lake Oswego
North Plains
Washington County

Here is the playback schedule:

Wed     02/22/12            10:00 AM          Channel 28
Thu       02/23/12            12:00 PM          Channel 28
Thu       02/23/12            08:00 PM          Channel 28
Fri        02/24/12            09:00 AM          Channel 28
Sat       02/25/12            10:00 PM          Channel 28
Mon      02/27/12            12:00 PM          Channel 28
Tue       02/28/12            02:30 PM          Channel 28
Wed     02/29/12            11:00 AM          Channel 28
Thu       03/01/12            03:00 PM          Channel 28
Fri        03/02/12            10:30 AM          Channel 28
Sat       03/03/12            10:30 PM          Channel 28

Event Addresses

Kick Off Event-Party at the Library!
Monday, January 9, at 6:30 p.m.  at the Library

Kathryn Claire
Come celebrate the beginning of the 6th annual Lake Oswego Reads with us as we give away free copies of Mink River and enjoy Oregon food, beverages and music.  Kathryn Claire and Eddie Parente will entertain with songs played on the Irish fiddle. A Lake Oswego Public Library card is required in order to receive a free book (limited number of books available). Copies of the book are compliments of the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library. 
Eddie Parente

Full Schedule of Events

Lake Oswego Reads Announces the Book for 2012:

Lake Oswego Reads Steering Committee 2012                                          Contact us!

Lake Oswego Reads 2012: Mink RiverThe Lake Oswego Public Library has selected award-winning Mink River, by Lake Oswego’s own Brian Doyle, as the book for the 2012 citywide reading program, Lake Oswego Reads.

This will be the program’s sixth year and it will be sponsored again by
West Coast Bank, Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library, Lake Oswego Rotary Club and the Lake Oswego Review.

The Steering Committee for Lake Oswego Reads, consisting of librarians, community leaders, high school English teachers and high school students, selected the book.  Mink River, the first book by a local author to be selected by the committee, is the story of the small Oregon coast town of Neawanaka and its people.  ForeWord Reviews, a journal dedicated to reviewing independently published books, awarded Mink River the Editor’s Choice for Fiction, the top prize available for a fiction novel.   Mink River has also been named an Oregonian Best Book 2010, Best Books of 2011 by critic Robert Birnbaum and Summer 2011 Indie Next List for Reading Groups.

Doyle edits Portland Magazine at the University of Portland. Mink River is his tenth book and his first novel. His previous books have been finalists four times for the Oregon Book Award. His essays have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, Orion, The American Scholar, and in newspapers and magazines around the world. They have also been reprinted in the annual Best American Essays, Best American Science & Nature Writing, and Best American Spiritual Writing anthologies. Doyle has received a Catholic Book Award, two Pushcart Prizes, and a 2008 Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Doyle said, “O, to have everyone in my town, the sprawling cheerful village that used to be called, thousands of years ago, The Place of Swans, read a story together—that’s sweet and funny and holy and wild and rich and delicious.  It’s like an immense family reading aloud by the fire on a moist rattling winter evening when if you look closely you can see the blue herons floating home across the lake from a hard day’s fishing on the river. Sure, I am thrilled that it’s my sprawling braided novel that we’ll all dive into like a sea of stories, that makes me grin, but it’s the fact that we are all storycatching and storysharing together that’s most savory—stories are food, stories are who we are, stories are hints and shapes of who we want to be. In a very real sense I think Lake Oswego Reads is a wonderful prayer beyond any religion’s grasp—it’s something we all do together with humor and reverence and respect and wonder and communal affection and warmth. I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks; I so wanted to try to do the impossible, and write down rain and courage and Oregonness and berries and laughter and hands held against the ocean of pain. I wanted to catch some bit of the extraordinary song that is Oregon, different from every other song. There’s a salty cheerful grace about Oregon that I love, and if that’s the feeling some readers get from Mink River I will be a very happy hairy mammal. Also, boy, a project like this that foments laughter and stories—that is an excellent public works effort, seems to me. This is going to be an entertaining ride, I bet.”

The author is not only local, the publisher is, too.  Mink River is published by Oregon State University Press, Oregon’s only university press, celebrating its 50th year anniversary this fall.  This is the first novel that Oregon State University Press has printed.

Bill Baars, Director of the Lake Oswego Public Library said, “Every year we seem to raise our game with this program and for Lake Oswego Reads 2012 we will be taking the phrase ‘community reads’ to a whole new level. Brian Doyle’s Mink River is ‘northwest literature’ in a joyous, exuberant, Ken Keseyesque way, with an emphasis on uniquely Oregon characters, history, flora, fauna and rainfall. I loved the inhabitants of this novel and their sense of community, and celebrating that sense is the reason we started the LO Reads program five books ago. At its core, this book gets to the heart of what defines a community—in all its complexity—and in Brian’s hands that beating heart is a loving heart. That Brian is a Lake Oswegan is icing on this big birthday cake. It’s going to be a terrific program.”

The official kickoff of Lake Oswego Reads will be Monday, January 9, 2012, at the library, with complimentary books distributed to Lake Oswego Public Library card holders, thanks to the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library.  The committee is presently developing a schedule of programs for February so that Lake Oswego residents can not only discuss the book but also experience the book.  Award-winning artist Jan Rimerman will again coordinate the art show with 15 artists reading the book and painting their interpretations.

The artists of the Mink River Art Show include: Barbara Vance, Bill Baily, Dyanne Locati, Lisa Wiser, Ann Munson, Bruce Ulrich, Susie Cowan, Lee Baughman, Molly Reeves, Sally Bailey, Mary Burgess, Lois Larson, Kara Pilcher, Sue JensenKathy Bethuram, Bonnie Bennett, Dave Haslett, Sonja Donnelly and Jan Rimerman.

Books can presently be checked out at the Lake Oswego Public Library at 706 4th Street or purchased at Graham’s Book & Stationery at 460 Second Street.  An audio version and ebook will be available in the near future.

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Accolades for  Mink River by Brian Doyle:

•  2010 Editor’s Choice Prize for Fiction
Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Awards

  An Oregonian Best Book, 2010

  Best Books of 2011, critic Robert Birnbaum

  Summer 2011 Indie Next List for Reading Groups

“Award-winning essayist Doyle writes with an inventive and seductive style that echoes that of ancient storytellers. This lyrical mix of natural history, poetry, and Salish and Celtic lore offers crime, heartaches, celebrations, healing, and death. Readers who appreciate modern classics like Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio or William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying will find much to savor here. Enthusiastically recommended.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Community is the beating heart of this fresh, memorable debut with an omniscient narrator and dozens of characters living in Neawanaka, a small coastal Oregon town… The fantastical blends with the natural elements in this original, postmodern, shimmering tapestry of small-     town life that profits from the oral traditions of the town's population of Native Americans and Irish immigrants. Those intrigued by the cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest will treasure every lyrical sentence.”
Publishers Weekly

“The strength of the novel lies in Doyle’s ability to convey the delicious vibrancy of people and the quirky whorls that make life a complex tapestry. He is absolutely enchanted by stories, with the zeal and talent to enchant others ... The greatest gift of Mink River is that it provides every reason in the world to see your own village, neighborhood and life in a deeper, more nuanced and connected way.”
The Oregonian

“Doyle explores the inner workings of a community and delivers a timeless story of survival, transcendence and good cheer.”
—Tim McNulty, The Seattle Times

“Doyle's language is rich, lush, equal to the verdant landscape he describes, and his narrative ricochets with a wondrous blending of the real and magical from character to character as he tracks the intersecting lives of Neawanaka one summer.”
—Greg Sarris, San Francisco Chronicle

“Wow and WOW! Brian Doyle’s first novel is a dazzling read, one that immediately establishes him among the likes of distinctly Oregon literary giants like Ken Kesey, Don Berry, Barry Lopez and H.L. Davis.”
Herald & News (Klamath Falls, OR)

 “Miraculous prose—the love-drenched story, the world-besotted language, the joy in the miracle of living. The book is filled with light; even its darkness is luminous.”
Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Wild Comfort

“If my high-hearted friend Brian Doyle is trying to avoid the nickname ‘Paddy,’ his wondrous Oregon Coast novel is the wrong feckin’ way to go about it. In its sights, settings, insinuations, flora and fauna, his tale is quintessential North Coast, but in its sensibility and lilt this story is as Irish as tin whistles—and the pairing is an unprecedented delight. This thing reads like an Uilleann pipe tour de force by a Sligo County maestro cast up on the shores of County Tillamook. The hauntings and shadows, shards of dark and bright, usurpations by wonder, lust, blarney, yearning, are coast-mythic in flavor but entirely bardic at heart. Doyle’s sleights of hand, word, and reality burr up off the page the way bits of heather burr out of a handmade Irish sweater yet the same sweater is stained indigenous orange by a thousand Netarts Bay salmonberries. I’ve read no Northwest novel remotely like it and enjoyed few novels more. Of an Irishman’s Oregon I am nothing but glad to have wandered, Mink River sings and sings.”
David James Duncan, author of The Brothers K and The River Why

“This is a story to get lost in, as stories upon stories unfold in this tiny town on the Oregon coast. Mink River is flat-out fabulous.”
Sheryl Cotleur, Book Passage, Corte Madera, California

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Lake Oswego Reads 2012: Sponsors

West Coast Bank
Friends of the Library
Lake Oswego Rotary
The Lake Oswego Review
Lake Oswego Women's Club
Florence V. Burden Foundation

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About Author Brian Doyle:

Author Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland, in Oregon, and a 2008 recipient of the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Portland has earned five consecutive national gold medals as the finest small-circulation university magazine in the United States, and won the 2005 Sibley Award from Newsweek magazine as the finest university magazine, bar none.  Which we crowed about for a couple days and then slogged back to work.  Portland has been graced over the years with work by Barry Lopez, Andre Dubus, Terry Tempest Williams, Edward Hoagland, Cynthia Ozick, Edward O. Wilson, Ian Frazier, Mary Gordon, Colm Toibin, Pico Iyer, Tony Hillerman, Jan Morris, James Carroll, Sallie Tisdale, Bill McKibben, Joseph Epstein, Mary Lee Settle, William Stafford, David James Duncan, Ursula Le Guin, and Rick Bass, among many other fine writers.

            “A great magazine, the finest spiritual magazine in the United States,” Annie Dillard has said of it, without prompting or remuneration (yet) by the editor. Fiiiiine woman, Annie Dillard.

            God is Love, an anthology of the best spiritual essays and poems from Portland Magazine, was published in 2003 by Augsburg Fortress Press in Minnesota.

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Brian Doyle is the author of ten books:

  • Mink River, a “sprawling Oregon novel.” “This is a Great. American. Novel.” (Cynthia Ozick). Oregon State Press, 2010.
  • Thirsty for the Joy: Australian & American Voices (One Day Hill, Victoria, Australia, 2008), a collection of “proems, poems, stories-as-told-to-me-in-startling-fashion, voices, shreds of tale, shards of adventures, spoken notes…”
  • Epiphanies & Elegies (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007), a collection of “proems, very short stories, voices, rhythmic tales, sort-of-poems…”
  • The Grail: a year ambling & shambling through an Oregon vineyard in pursuit of the best pinot noir wine in the whole wild world (Oregon State University Press, March 2006) – a cheerful fan’s notes about how wine is actually made, a sort of wine for dummies or Wine 101, starring a father-and-son winemaking team in Oregon.
  • The Wet Engine (Paraclete Press, 2005), “a headlong heartfelt chant and song and expedition to the seat of the soul, the pumping station of the body, the power house, headquarters, headwater, fuse-box, crossroads, the crucial battery, the mysterious extraordinary moist relentless fragile holy human heart; and notes on how it works and doesn’t work, and what it means, and how we use it so easily and casually as a metaphor for the extraordinary loves and pains that course through us like muscular rivers; and explorations of doctors and nurses and surgeries and the hearts of hummingbirds and whales and worms; and agony and atresia and courage and cardiology and blood and pulse and ebb and flow and prayer and people and the pain and poetry of the chambered muscle that drives us humming and weeping and hopeless and hopeful through the intricate countries of our days.”
  • Spirited Men (Cowley Publications, 2004), a collection of eleven long essays about literary and musical storytellers from William Blake to Robert Louis Stevenson to Van Morrison;
  • Leaping (Loyola Press, 2003), a collection of essays in what Cynthia Ozick calls “the jubilantly idiosyncratic and laughing language of love”;
  • Saints Passionate & Peculiar (St. Mary’s Press, 2002), a collection of “brief excitable headlong essays” for teenagers about saints;
  • Credo, a collection of essays about believing in many things (Saint Mary’s Press, 1999); and
  • Two Voices (with his father, Jim Doyle), a collection of their essays (Liguori Publications, 1996).

The Grail, Leaping, Spirited Men were all finalists for the annual Oregon Book Award in creative nonfiction, respectively; Epiphanies… was a finalist in poetry; Two Voices won a national Christopher Award and a Catholic Press Association Book Award, and Credo was listed, by Joyce Carol Oates, as one of the “notable books of the twentieth century,” which is rather a startling phrase.  Fiiine woman, Joyce Carol Oates.

Doyle’s own essays and poems have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, The American Scholar, Orion, Commonweal, The Sun, and The Georgia Review, among other magazines and journals, and in The Times of London, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Kansas City Star, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Ottawa Citizen, and Newsday, among other newspapers. He is a book reviewer for The Oregonian newspaper and a contributing essayist to both Eureka Street magazine and The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Australia.

Doyle’s essays have also been reprinted in:

  • the Best American Essays anthologies of 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2009;
  • in Best Spiritual Writing 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2005; and
  • in Best Essays Northwest (2003);
  • and in twenty other anthologies and writing textbooks.

As for awards and honors, he has three startling children, an incomprehensible and fascinating marriage, and he was named to the 1983 Newton (Massachusetts) Men’s Basketball League all-star team, and that was a really tough league. Guys lost fingers driving to the hole in that league. 

Doyle has delivered many dozens of peculiar and muttered speeches and lectures and rants about writing and stuttering grace at a variety of venues, among them Australian Catholic University and Xavier College (both in Melbourne, Australia), Aquinas Academy (in Sydney, Australia); Washington State, Seattle Pacific, Oregon, Utah State, Concordia, Marylhurst, Western Washington, and Brigham Young universities; Boston, Lewis & Clark, and Linfield colleges; the universities of Utah, Oregon, Pittsburgh, and Portland; KBOO radio (Portland), ABC and 3AW radio (Australia); the College Theology Society; National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation,” and in the PBS film Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero (2002).           

Doyle is a native of New York, was fitfully educated at the University of Notre Dame, and has been a magazine and newspaper journalist for more than thirty years. He lives with his family near Portland, Oregon.

Headlight Herald Interview With Brian Doyle



LO Reads 2012 EVENTS!

Kick Off Event-Party at the Library!

Monday, January 9, 6:30 p.m.
at the Library
, 706 4th Street
Kathryn Claire

Come celebrate the beginning of the 6th annual Lake Oswego Reads with us as we give away free copies of Mink River and enjoy Oregon food, beverages and music.  Kathryn Claire and Eddie Parente will entertain with songs played on the Irish fiddle. A Lake Oswego Public Library card is required in order to receive a free book (limited number of books available). Copies of the book are compliments of the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library.

Every Wednesday in February, drop by Maher's Irish Pub
(352 B Ave.)
and show your copy of Mink River, your Lake Oswego Reads passport or Lake Oswego Reads pin to get an Irish dessert or beer at half price!

Ed Edmo First Wednesday Guest Speaker
Wednesday, February 1, at 7:00 p.m. 
Oswego Heritage House, 398 10th St.
Come hear Ed Edmo, a Shoshone-Bannock poet, playwright, performer, traditional storyteller, tour guide and lecturer, talk about Pacific NW Indian culture and storytelling throughout history. Edmo lives in Portland and is a consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.


Mink River Art Show Art Unveiling Reception
& Month-long Art Show

Opening Reception, Thursday, February 2,
6:00 - 7:30pm,

Graham’s Book & Stationery- 460 2nd St. &
Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery
-480 Second St.

Will it be the river? The crow? Worried Man or Maple Head? Daily life in the Oregon coastal village of Neawanaka? This year 18 (the most yet) professional artists are reveling in the rich visual possibilities for their contribution to the Mink River Art Show!  Come to the much anticipated unveiling of their work at Graham’s Book & Stationery! Meet the author and the artists! Stroll next door to Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery to see the LO High School and Lakeridge student encaustic art, woodcut and ceramics show. We expect the art, the author and the evening to be flat-out fabulous!  Throughout February the professional art will be displayed at Graham’s  and the high school art will be displayed at Chrisman’s.  The artists of the Mink River Art Show include: Barbara Vance, Bill Baily, Dyanne Locati, Lisa Wiser, Ann Munson, Bruce Ulrich, Susie Cowan, Lee Baughman, Molly Reeves, Sally Bailey, Mary Burgess, Lois Larson, Kara Pilcher, Sue JensenKathy Bethuram, Bonnie Bennett, Dave Haslett, Sonja Donnelly and Jan Rimerman.

Listen to an interview with artist Roger Long regarding his painting
"The Golden Hour of the Crow's Intelligence" (WMA)
* Presently on display at the Lake Oswego Library

Looking for Mink River:
Two photographers explore the Oregon Coast
RiverFebruary 3 to February 29
Reception with the Photographers:
February 3, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Moonstruck Chocolate Café
, 45 South State St.
Inspired by the book Mink River, local photographers Mick Geronimo and Sean Minogue set out to capture the essence of Brian Doyle’s Oregon coast. Following hints provided by author, the two explored the back roads, looking for visual expressions of the fictional town of Neawanaka. More than twenty images in this exhibit feature some of the highlights of their search at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe. Exhibition runs February 1 to February 29.




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Sip & Savor Oregon
February 4, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way
Celebrate Mink River with a special afternoon of wine tasting and local cuisine. This extraordinary event will feature flavors of the Pacific Northwest, live performance, and local vineyards, including:
1.  Archery Summit  2.  Chehalem Winery  3.  Raptor Ridge Winery  4.  Utopia Wines 
5.  Winderlea Vineyard and Winery  6.  DePonte Cellars  7.  Pete’s Mountain Winery 
8.  1789 Wines  9.  Oliver Cellars  10.  Hyland Estate  11.  Crumbled Rock Winery 
12. Barrel Fence Cellars

Portland Opera—Madame Butterfly
February 6, 7:00 p.m.  at the Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State St.
Join Associate Music Director Robert Ainsley and some of the Portland Opera Studio Artists to
enjoy a lively, 50-minute sneak peek of Madame Butterfly. Puccini at his best!  Hear why Michael the cop was addicted to Puccini.  Music so powerful, so achingly beautiful, that it has never failed to wring the tears and win the hearts of audiences throughout the world!

Hanz ArakiMusic at the Library
February 7, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.  at the Library,
706 4th Street
Enjoy traditional Celtic music performed by Hanz Araki and his band at the First Tuesday Music Series at the Library. After learning the shakuhachi, the traditional bamboo “Zen Flute” of Japan, from his father, Araki taught himself Irish and Scottish tunes. A fixture of the Irish music scene in America, he has performed with the Juno Award-winning Paperboys, Casey Neill and an all-star tribute to The Pogues called K.M.R.I.A. alongside members of The Decemberists and REM. He has played with the Seattle Symphony and the University of Washington Wind Ensemble and is featured on more than a dozen recordings and soundtracks, from feature films and documentaries to popular video games.



Performing Arts—Irish Dancing
ry 8, 2:00 p.m. at the Library, 706 4th Street
Gabrielle Maher will present an introduction to traditional Irish Dancing with a demonstration by students from the Maher School of Irish Dance.  This dance is notable for its rapid leg and foot movements, body and arms being kept largely stationary.Irish Dance!











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Hear the Author
and Eat at a Barbecue!

Author Brian Doyle



The wild lovely threads of story
that compose and create a community

--A presentation by Brian Doyle

Lake Oswego High School Auditorium, 2501 Country Club Rd. February 8, barbecue at 5:30 p.m., author presentation at 7 p.m.
Free but tickets are required. The ticket provides admission into the barbecue and the author presentation.

Tickets will be available at the Lake Oswego Public Library
starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, January 21.

Following a free community “cow barbecue” in the cafeteria, not on the football field as in the book, Brian Doyle, author of Mink River, will be speaking at the Lake Oswego High School Auditorium. This event is for high school age and older. Admission is free but a ticket is required. Tickets will be available at the Lake Oswego Public Library starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, January 21. ARRIVE EARLY!  There will be a two ticket per person limit and a Lake Oswego Public Library card is required. Note: The tickets will be valid until 15 minutes before the presentation begins on February 8. People without tickets will be seated then.

Fusion Dinner & Discussion
with Mayor Jack Hoffman and First Lady Agnes

February 9, 6:30 p.m. $25 Register: 503-675-2538
at Oswego Lake Country Club, 20 Iron Mountain Blvd.
Enjoy a fusion – an Irish and Oregon three course dinner followed by a book discussion led by the Hoffmans.  Soup to start, Salad: Smoked Salmon Cakes with Hearty Greens, Petite Sweet Peas, Pickled Onions and a Creamy Mint Dressing; Main Course: Irish Ale Braised Kobe Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Roasted Root Vegetables and Horseradish-Buttermilk Whipped Potatoes and Dessert: Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake.

Book Discussion #1
Adult Community Center, February 10, 1:00 p.m., 505 G Ave.
Lake Oswego Library librarians will lead book discussions during February.  As space in each group is limited, register by calling 503-534-5665.  

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Molly Gloss
Molly Gloss Presentation: 

"The Community of the Book:

Where Writers and Readers

Meet on the Page"

February 11, 10:00 a.m.
at the Oswego Heritage House,
398 10th St.

Portland author Molly Gloss will talk about how her work has been shaped by the books she has read throughout her life; and by her readers, who collaborate in storytelling whenever they open one of her novels.  Her novel The Jump-Off Creek was a finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award for American Fiction, and a winner of both the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and the Oregon Book Award. In 1996 Molly was a recipient of a Whiting Writers Award. The Dazzle of Day was named a New York Times Notable Book and was awarded the PEN Center West Fiction Prize. Wild Life won the James Tiptree Jr. Award and was chosen as the 2002 selection for "If All Seattle Read the Same Book." The Hearts of Horses, published in 2007, is the novel of a young woman breaking horses for several ranchers in Eastern Oregon in the winter of 1917.  This American Association of University Women (AAUW) meeting is open to the public.

Something To Crow About!

Graham’s Book & Stationery, February 11, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 460 2nd St.
It’s all about crows: sculptor Dave Haslett bringing a crow into being from black basalt; weaver John Beard showing the lost art of creating the Ravenstail ceremonial robe; author Brian Doyle sharing the mystery behind Moses, the crow at the center of his sprawling Oregon coast novel; artist Ann Munson painting lively crows on canvas tiles.  Explore the ‘Murder of Crows’ mystery titles while sampling tastes of the Northwest: marionberries, huckleberries, cranberries and hazelnuts in tea, jam, brownies, chocolates and more!  Bring the family and join in turning innocent squiggles into magnificent crows. And be prepared for surprises!

Ginny MullenBook Discussion and Tea #2
Mary’s Woods, Auditorium, February 13, 2 p.m., 17400 Holy Names Dr.
Enjoy a cup of tea and cookies while participating in a book discussion led by retired Lake Oswego High School teacher Ginny Mullen.




Women’s Coalition Meeting
Reading by Brian Doyle and History of Lake Oswego Reads
Oswego Lake Country Club, February 15, 11:45 a.m.,$19.
Register: 503-636-3634, 20 Iron Mountain Blvd.

Lake Oswego Public Library is now producing its sixth year of Lake Oswego Reads. Learn about the highlights of experiencing The Shadow of the Wind, Three Cups of Tea, Stubborn Twig, The Whistling Season, Cutting for Stone and Mink River from Lake Oswego Reads program director Cyndie Glazer. In addition, Brian Doyle will read from Mink River.

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Attracting Birds to Your Yard
Out on the Limb, February 16, 1:00 pm,
3 South State St. 
Attracting Birds!Whether you are trying to see every bird in Oregon or just casually admiring the many birds in your backyard, photographing birds can be fun and rewarding. No matter what type of camera you have, we will give you tips on observing and photographing birds from the comfort of your own home.  Learn how to attract birds to the best spots, how to set up a photo blind, and how to keep the birds from flying off before you get that perfect shot!  Also learn which birdhouse attracts which birds and what food products attract which birds and animals. 



Oregon Cooking Class

In Good Taste, February 17, 6:00 p.m. $65 Register: 503-248-2015
or at
, 6302 SW Meadows Rd. 
We invite you to explore the bounty of Oregon at In Good Taste Cooking School in Lake Oswego at this special class designed around the book, Mink River.  IGT chef instructor Caroline Lewis, who always cooks with organic, seasonal ingredients, is leading this hands-on cooking class. The group will explore using local foods such as Oregon seafood, hazelnuts and organic heirloom fruits and vegetables in creating a sophisticated four course meal paired with local wines. Class begins promptly at 6 p.m. and is specially priced at $65.00 for the Lake Oswego Reads program.  



Lake Oswego Rides Mink River

February 18, 9:45 a.m. at Millennium Plaza Park, Register: 503.675.3730 or, 200 First St.LO Reads Bike Ride
LO Reads Bike Ride!Join the Mayor for a wonderful “Mink River” themed bicycle ride. While reading the book Mayor Hoffman couldn’t help but see parallels between Mink River and Lake Oswego and he would like to share these with fellow readers and riders. The route visits some of the City’s public works sites, runs adjacent to the river, winds through Sister of the Holy Names and visits the Art Spot. Riders should gather between 9:45-10:00 AM at Millennium Park. We’ll leave promptly at 10:00.  The ride is approximately 10 miles and will take about an hour and half with stops. There will be mechanical support as well as snacks and water on route.








Mink River Silkscreen Art!Craft Program: Silkscreen the map of Mink River
February 18, 1:00-3:00 p.m., at the Library, Downstairs
Artist Mary Miller Doyle will teach you how to silkscreen.  Mink River will be remembered always with this creative map.   Please bring a t-shirt or apron to learn how to silkscreen while chatting with the wife of the author of Mink River.  Ages 4 to adult. 






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Why Crows Are So Clever
February 18, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.,
at the Library, Downstairs
Crows Are Clever!
Matthew Collins and Linda Koser of the Friends of Tryon Creek will lead a family program and will discuss the crow’s reputation as a clever and cunning animal.  They will explore the special adaptations that enable the crow to be successful in both rural and urban habitats. Participants can look forward to learning about how crows communicate and their communication styles, as well as engaging in fun, intriguing activities and listening to crow stories. This program is appropriate for ages 4 and up. The Friends of Tryon Creek are committed to connecting people to Tryon Creek State Natural Area, sharing our passion for the wonders of nature, and inspiring environmental stewardship in all.

Robin CodyThird Tuesday Author Series-Robin Cody:
What is it About Oregon Rivers?

February 21, 7:00 p.m., at the Library
Native Oregonian Robin Cody will talk about our rivers, as they appear in Brian Doyle's and Ken Kesey's work and in his own. Three of Robin Cody's books tell the stories of life along Oregon's rivers: Another Way the River Has, Voyage of a Summer Sun and Ricochet River. "Rivers have spirit, you know. Rivers help stories along."



Book Discussion #3
February 22, 4:00 p.m., at the Library
Lake Oswego Library librarians will lead book discussions during February.  As space in each group is limited, register by calling 503-534-5665.


An Evening with Poet Ger Killeen and Author Brian Doyle February 22, at 7:00 p.m. at Streff Gallery in the Shoen Library at Marylhurst University, , 17600 Pacific Hwy # 43
The noted poet and Gaelic teacher Ger Killeen joins Mink River author Brian Doyle for an evening of reading from their work and snippets of passages in Irish from Mink River. Killeen, a professor of Irish at Marylhurst University, is the author of three books of poems in English and Gaelic.

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Film and Panel Discussion on Indigenous Cultures
February 23, at 2:00 p.m. at the Holy Names Heritage Center, , 17425 Holy Names Dr. This program features a screening of the film For the Next Seven Generations: 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Weaving a World That Works. The film features the collective wisdom of thirteen remarkable women from around the world and their vision for sustainable practices grounded in the wisdom of ancient cultures. A panel discussion with several Holy Names Sisters of Native American ancestry will follow the film.

Opera Night at Tucci Italian Restaurant
February 23, Performance at 7:30 pm, Tucci, 220 A Ave.Opera & Dinner Night! 
Enjoy the best flavors of Italian style foods made with fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients while listening to opera sung by Oregon’s own Diane Syrcle at Tucci. Ms. Syrcle was a longtime opera singer prior to taking a job as the Director of Education at Portland Opera. Since then she has been the executive director of the Portland Youth Philharmonic and currently holds a similar position with the Oregon Ballet Theatre. Her voice is renowned throughout the Northwest and although she is retired from the public stage, she still does a variety of small private and chamber performances. The night's repertoire will include excerpts from several well-known operas, including Puccini’s Tosca.  Order off the menu. 
Reservations required: 503-697-3383. 


Salmon Luncheon at the Adult Community Center
February 24, noon, at the Adult Community Center, 505 G Ave.
$5 Register: 503-635-3758
Enjoy an Oregon salmon luncheon.

Drive a Backhoe!

Public Works Program: Operate a Backhoe

February 25, 10 a.m., Public Works Department, 5705 Jean Rd.
Have you always wanted to operate a backhoe? Here’s your opportunity, for ages 16 and above. Additionally, enjoy a tour of Lake Oswego’s Public Works Department. Whereas Neawanaka’s Department of Public Works gives haircuts, Lake Oswego’s department provides many basic urban services, including water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems, and their operation and maintenance. The department is also responsible for streets, street signs, signals, street lights and City vehicles.

Drive a Backhoe!Number of reservoirs: 16
Number of fire hydrants: ~2300
Miles of streets: ~178
Number of street signs: ~4000
Number of street lights: ~3456
Number of storm manholes: ~2900
530 Catch basins, 126 miles of stormwater pipe,
33 detention ponds, 25 miles of streams,
231 miles of waterlines, 13,000 water meters,

206 miles of wastewater lines.



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Audubon Society Presentation
February 25, 2:00 p.m., at Marylhurst University,
Flavia Salon,17600 Pacific Hwy # 43,

Cathy Schar, long-time bird watcher and volunteer at the Audubon Society of Portland will present an illustrated program featuring common backyard birds.  Weather permitting she will lead a birding walk on the grounds of Marylhurst.

Audubon Society Audubon Society Presentation




Gaelic Class with Professor Gerard Killeen
February 27, 7:00 p.m., Chuck’s, 148 B Ave.
Conas ta tu? How are you? Irish, also known as Irish Gaelic, was the predominant language of the Irish people for most of their recorded history and is the first official language of Ireland. Spend one hour with Professor Killeen to learn all about Gaelic and pick up a few phrases while sipping wine or coffee. 

Book Discussion #4
February 28, 7:00 p.m., Moonstruck, 45 South State St.
Lake Oswego Library librarians will lead book discussions during February.  As space in each group is limited, register by calling 503-534-5665.

Irish Night

February 29, 5:30 – 10:00 p.m., Maher’s, 352 B Ave. 
Maher's Irish Pub is a family owned restaurant that carries on the traditions of a small Irish pub. It has a great menu offering a fine mix of excellent wines, brews and traditional Irish cuisine.  This is the perfect way to celebrate the month of events experiencing Mink River—a truly customary Irish experience. 
Passport drawing at 6:00 pm.

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Pick up a “passport” at the Lake Oswego Public Library or at a Lake Oswego Reads event and get it stamped at each event. Bring your passport with at least three stamps to the final event on February 29 at 6:00 p.m. at Maher’s for a chance to win a Mink River gift basket.

Like the characters in Mink River, the citizens of Lake Oswego have stories to tell. This video will feature interviews with people living in Lake Oswego, who will discuss their history with the town and what they feel are the unique benefits and challenges of life in Lake Oswego.  If you have a story to tell, please contact Cyndie Glazer at 503-675-2538.

High School:
Both Lake Oswego high schools are participating in Lake Oswego Reads for the sixth year. Lake Oswego High School and Lakeridge High School will incorporate themes from Mink River in selected English class curriculum and art classes.

High School Art:
Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High School Art Departments will be participating in Lake Oswego Reads with an Art Show at Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery for the month of February. All proceeds from the sale of the students’ art will go to the individual students. Lake Oswego High School art teacher Katie Brink’s advanced students will explore black and white woodcuts revolving around the theme of the philosophizing crow. Steve Schiefelbein’s ceramic art students will create sculptures based on the theme of this year’s book choice Mink River by Brian Doyle. Shannon McBride, Lakeridge High School art teacher, along with her art students will be creating encaustic paintings for the February Show.

Teen Video Contest:
Are you a high school student interested in making videos? Would you like the chance to showcase your talents in a citywide contest? Do you want the opportunity to win a gift card to a local restaurant? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Mink River video contest is the event for you! Just compose a three to five minute long video that details your favorite chapter or scene from Mink River. You can adhere to the text or write your own script with the original book as an influence: artistic license is welcomed! Good luck, and remember: keep things PG!  Email videos to by February 24.


Discuss the Book:
There will be many opportunities to participate in book discussion groups during February at the Adult Community Center, Mary’s Woods, Moonstruck Chocolate, and the Library. Space is limited. Register by calling 503-534-5665.

Mink River discussion Questions

February 10, 1-2 p.m.
Adult Community Center, 505 G Ave
Phone: 503.635.3758

February 13, 2-3 p.m.
Mary’s Woods, 17400 Holy Names Dr
Phone: 503.635.7381

February 22, 4-5 p.m.
Library, 706 4th St
Phone:  503.636.7628

February 28, 7-8 p.m.
Moonstruck Chocolate, 45 South State St
Phone: 503.697.7097

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Adult Community Center (ACC):  505 G Ave. 503.635.3758

Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery:  480 Second St. 503.635.5326

Chuck’s Place:  148 B Ave. 503.675.7861

Graham’s Book & Stationery:  460 2nd St. 503.636.5676

Holy Names Heritage Center:  17425 Holy Names Dr. 503.607.0595

In Good Taste Cooking School:  6302 SW Meadows Rd.  503.248.2015: 

Lakewood Center for the Arts:  368 S. State St. 503.635.6338

Lake Oswego High School:  2501 Country Club Rd. 503.534.2313

Lake Oswego Library:  706 Fourth St. 503.636.7628

Marylhurst University:  17600 Pacific Hwy # 43, 503.636.8141,  Flavia Salon

Mary’s Woods:  17400 Holy Names Dr. 503.534.3947,  Auditorium

Maher’s Irish Pub:  352 B Ave.  503.305.8087

Millennium Plaza Park:  200 First St. 503.675.3730

Moonstruck Chocolate Café:  45 South State St. 503.697.7097

Oswego Heritage House:  398 10th St. 503.635.6373

Oswego Lake Country Club:  20 Iron Mountain Blvd. 503.636.3631

Out on the Limb:  333 South State St.  503.908.1773

Public Works/Maintenance Dept.:  5705 Jean Rd. 503.635.0280

Tucci Italian Restaurant:  220 A Ave.  503-697-3383

West End Building (WEB):  4101 Kruse Way 503.697.6500


Lake Oswego Reads Out Loud:

 Mink River is available as an audiobook thanks to 50 community members who volunteered their time to make the book more accessible to their fellow patrons.  Along with Brian Doyle, business owners, city councilors, high school students, teachers, Library staff, family members and friends of the author, and others recorded from 2 to 10 pages in the Library conference room.  The audiobook is truly a community project and gives a whole new meaning to "Lake Oswego Reads."  It can be checked out from the Lake Oswego Public Library.

Section Index of Audiobook Readers

Lake Oswego Review Article: "Reading Out Loud at the L.O. Library"

Listen to an interview with artist Roger Long regarding his painting
"The Golden Hour of the Crows' Intelligence" (WMA)



LO Reads 2012
LO Reads 2012
LO Reads 2012
LO Reads 2012
LO Reads 2012
More Photographs
Coming Soon!


Reading Out Loud at the L.O. Library

Brian's book has been selected as a finalist for an Oregon Book Award!

15 minutes and zip! – 800 books for Lake Oswego Reads go quickly

Lake Oswego Reads heads down Mink River

Listen to an interview with artist Roger Long regarding his painting
"The Golden Hour of the Crows' Intelligence" (WMA)

Feeding the soul with Oregonness:
Mink River author Brian Doyle takes center stage next week


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