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ORDINANCE No. 2565 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO GRANTING A NON-EXCLUSIVE <br />GAS UTILITY FRANCHISE TO NORTHWEST NATURAL GAS COMPANY <br />THE CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO ORDAINS AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1: Definitions and Explanations. <br />(1) As used in this ordinance. <br />(a) "City" means the City of Lake Oswego and the areas within its boundaries, <br />including its boundaries as extended in the future. <br />(b) "Council" means the legislative body of the City. <br />(c) "Grantee" means the corporation referred to in Section 2 of this ordinance. <br />(d) "Gas mains" includes all gas transmission and distribution facilities located <br />on or under any street, bridge or public place within the City. <br />(e) "Person" includes an individual, corporation, association, firm, partnership <br />and joint stock company. <br />(f) "Public place" includes any city -owned park, place or grounds within the <br />City that is open to the public but does not include a right of way. <br />(g) "Right of Way" includes a street, alley, avenue, road, boulevard, <br />thoroughfare, bridge or public highway within the City. <br />(2) As used in this ordinance, the singular number may include the plural and the <br />plural number may include the singular. <br />Section 2: Rights Granted. <br />Subject to the City of Lake Oswego codes, ordinances, and regulations, and the <br />conditions and reservations contained in this ordinance, the City hereby grants to <br />NORTHWEST NATURAL GAS COMPANY, a corporation, the right, privilege and <br />franchise to: <br />(1) Construct, maintain and operate a gas utility system within the City of Lake <br />Oswego. <br />(2) Install, maintain and operate on and under the rights of way of the City, facilities <br />for the transmission and distribution of gas to the City and its inhabitants; and <br />Page 1 of 12 — Ordinance No. 2565 <br />