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- \'p` 4.Oso CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br /> _ Sustainability Advisory Board Minutes <br /> moor <br /> °REo June 18, 2018 <br /> Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Co-Chair Eliot Metzger called the June 18, 2018 meeting of the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB)to <br /> order at 6:30 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Main Fire Station, 300 B Avenue, Lake Oswego, <br /> Oregon. <br /> Members Present: Eliot Metzger, Bob Sack, Paul Soper, Stephanie Glazer, Richard <br /> Canaday, Kathleen Wiens, Councilor John LaMotte <br /> Members Excused/Absent Karl Friesen, Sarah Hussion <br /> Staff: Jenny Slepian, Sustainability and Management Analyst <br /> Public: Drew Spainhower, Rob Heape <br /> Announcements from Board and Staff <br /> • Bob mentioned that the EV car show will be on August 26 at Heritage House.There will be <br /> presentations at the Methodist Church on August 24. LOSN Repair Fair on June 30. Rob asked if <br /> there will be any focus on EV batteries/generators for emergency preparedness. <br /> • SAB appointments were made. Allison Kim, Eliot Metzger, and Paul Soper were appointed as full <br /> members. Karl Friesen and Kathleen Wiens were appointed as alternates. <br /> • Community Clean Up Day went really well <br /> • The Republic Services Midterm Review will be on June 17 <br /> • Working with Parks to get to zero plastic waste at summer concerts <br /> Approval of Minutes <br /> The Board unanimously approved the May 21, 2018 meeting minutes. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Drew will be at the Repair Fair with the Master Recyclers <br /> Kathleen asked about getting more recycling containers at the farmers market <br /> Regular Business <br /> A. Review Agenda <br /> Chair Eliot Metzger reviewed the meeting agenda. <br /> B. City Council Update <br /> Councilor LaMotte shared items from the latest City Council meetings: <br /> • Recruitment update <br />