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Planning Commission Public Hearing ATTACHMENT A/PAGE 1 OF 1 LU 18-0034 <br />April 22, 2019 <br />LOC <br /> <br />3. AUTHORIZATION TO PERMIT OR DENY CONDITIONAL USES <br />a. An application for a conditional use shall be allowed if: <br />i. The requirements of the zone are met; and <br />ii. Special conditions found in LOC, through, <br />,, through,, <br />and, if applicable, are met; and <br />iii. The site is physically capable of accommodating the proposed use; and <br />iv. The functional characteristics of the proposed use are such that it can be made to be <br />reasonably compatible with uses in its vicinity. <br />b. In permitting a new conditional use, or the modification of an existing conditional use, the <br />hearing body, or the City Manager in the case of a minor modification, may impose conditions which <br />are suitable and necessary to assure compatibility of the proposed use with other uses in the vicinity. <br />These conditions may include, but are not limited to: <br />i. Limiting the manner in which the use is conducted, by restricting the time an activity may <br />take place and by minimizing such environmental effects as noise, vibration, air pollution, glare <br />and odor. <br />ii. Establishing a special yard, setback, lot area or other lot dimension. <br />iii. Limiting the height, size or location of a building or other structure. <br />iv. Designating the size, number, location and design of vehicle access points. <br />v. Increasing roadway widths, requiring street dedication, and/or requiring improvements <br />within the street right-of-way. <br />vi. Designating the size, location, screening, drainage, surfacing or other improvement of a <br />parking area or truck loading area. <br />vii. Limiting or otherwise designating the number, size, location, height and lighting of signs. <br />viii. Limiting the location and intensity of outdoor lighting, requiring its shielding, or both. <br />ix. Requiring berming, screening or landscaping and designating standards for its installation <br />and maintenance. <br />x. Designating the size, height, location and materials for fences. <br />xi. Protecting and preserving existing trees, soils, vegetation, water resources, wildlife habitat <br />or other significant natural resources. <br />xii. On- and off-site public improvements. <br />The number of residential units allowed by the provisions of this Code on a site may be reduced only <br />if it is found that development to that number will result in a violation of the standards stated in LOC <br /> <br />Attachment A to Staff Report <br />LU 18-0034