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Original Message <br /> From:Barbara Heisler[n] <br /> Sent:Tuesday,February 12,2019 2:20 PM <br /> To:Siegel,Scot<> <br /> Subject:Short-Term Rental <br /> Dear Mr.Siegel, <br /> I attended last night's Planning Commission Meeting on short-term rentals in Lake Oswego and I would like to briefly comment on the proposal you submitted for <br /> discussion. I have been a resident of Lake Oswego since 2006. I am a sociologist who is currently writing a book on the effects of Airbnb on housing and local communities <br /> in the United States,Europe and Australia.The book is under contract from a major academic publisher. In this context I have surveyed a large literature on the subject, <br /> mostly on the effects of Airbnb in large cities that are also major tourist destinations. <br /> Clearly,Lake Oswego is not in the same category as Boston,New York,etc. and I do not doubt the glowing testimonials about the quality of their guests(professors and <br /> grandmothers)from citizens who have hosted on Airbnb in Lake Oswego. Unlike New York,San Francisco and other tourist cities,Lake Oswego will not likely be the <br /> destination of adventurers and thrill seekers from around the world. However,based on my research,I would recommend that the city exercise caution in moving forward. <br /> Even the"Social Model"currently under consideration is full of potential pitfalls.The most serious is the fact that Airbnb has not cooperated with local authorities in making <br /> their data available. While the licensing short-term rentals should be part of any regulation,it will not prevent people from hosting without a license. Licensing <br /> requirements are difficult to enforce as long as Airbnb refuses to make host specific data(name,address,telephone number)available to local authorities. Relying on <br /> neighbor complaints is not sufficient as many people are reluctant to report offenders. As you know,Airbnb is currently suing the city of Boston for legislation passed last <br /> year that would require Airbnb provide such information to the city and has done similar things in New York City and elsewhere. <br /> While this may not pertain directly to Lake Oswego,below is a link to an excellent recent study about the pros and cons of Airbnb by the Economic Policy Institute. <br /> bttns:// <br />°/2ffiles%2fndW2f157766.udf&c=E.1.VGuwaNgSu pVAGjUrFPhDCKMa1egKboY9pn_h1fZ2jDUXrtLTX9tuJUr5jODpRoZ9Ao2H9xbu- <br /> dTxyj fn4yKM5NrycNgztk34uH W A-QRXs_gYTN4iQ2w&typo=1 <br /> With best regards, <br /> Barbara Heisler <br /> Barbara Schmitter Heisler,Ph.D. <br /> Professor Emerita <br />