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Dear Council Members — <br />March 13, 2019 <br />EXHIBIT G-1 <br />LU 18-0034 <br />We are aware that you are working on revising the rules for Short Term Rentals in Lake <br />Oswego. We sincerely hope that you will soon be allowing them. <br />We have a mother-in-law cottage on our property, right next to our home. In the past, when we <br />weren't using it for family, we used to rent it out with AirBnB. We had nothing but good <br />experiences, and had no complaints from neighbors since it did not impact them in the least. <br />We feel that having the option for people to rent a unit like ours (small 2-bedroom cottage with <br />full kitchen) serves the public well, since it is a vast improvement over renting a hotel room, <br />especially for families. <br />In addition, it truly benefits the City of Lake Oswego in that it brings in visitors, who frequent <br />the restaurants and businesses in the area. In addition, there are people who are moving to <br />Lake Oswego, and come to "check it out" or need a place to stay until their home becomes <br />available. It also serves the local residents of Lake Oswego, many of whom have rented our <br />cottage while their own homes are being remodeled. <br />Please consider allowing Short Term Rentals. It benefits everyone. <br />Thank you. <br />Kevin and Nora Semonsen <br />15355 Twin Fir Rd. <br />Lake Oswego, OR. 97035 <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-1/Page 1 of 1 <br />